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  1. The beginnings

    Hi, Just a short introduction to my blog. Click the title for the full post. I'm a digital artist, specialising in character design. I do various 3d modeling/lighting/renderin work for film, games and architecture. Recently I looked at warhammer again after at least 10 years, the new pieces and styles blew me away.  I'm absolutely new to the world, the game rules and I'll probably make some serious mistakes but I want to build up an army of well painted figures, with the hope of taking some ...
  2. Gaunt spawning:Tervigon W.I.P.

    From comment of Barbal, I set a 'Tervigon sack' on side of abdomen (below of terma gaunt under sculpting) to give her more fat looks, does it work?

    I think this pose seems to be a kitten or a puppy on her back in play, doesn't it? ...Okay, I'm kidding you :-p
    Anyway,since this is my first 'serious' conversion with sculpting, I will make up this as carefully and carefully as I can.
    Request for comment, especially criticizes and advices.
  3. Priority in work has changed.

    I have to apologize to subscribers this blog, till next april ends, I set my priority in work on minuatures to competition minis for Kingdom x Pop con.

    I'm going to re-sculpt her face and more, most of coming updates will be about this mini for a while.
  4. Squigs

    I made some squigs for a friend...
    The gallery
    Nothing exceptional but...he seems to be happy because of them.
    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. 5:02 AM: Savage orcs O' Scotlund--- Woad complete!

    Another long and drawn out painting session on an old converted savage orc unit tonight, or should I say this morning! Jut put the brushes to bed after finishing off the 'woad' warpaint that is iconic to the said orcs. I feel that the majority of the models came out pretty well considering the limited time I spent on each individual design; but one has to remember that with gaming peices, progress is key: get caugt up with one faucet of the model and painters of my limited ability get frustrated ...
  6. Next incoming: PoM

    Yet an other Parasite of Mortlex.
    Request for comment, especially critisizes and advises.
  7. Assemble in test:Tervigon W.I.P.

    For checking pose of mini and balance between limbs and abdomen, I assembled tervigon in test this time.

    Brass wires can be seen under the chest, will become cores of fresh cords to supply nutritionals for gaunts in wombs.

     I will replace the holes to place middle limbs.. I mean, It seems there are too narrow spaces between front limbs and middles, doesn't it? 
    Okay, I know weapon symbiote crash claws for tervigon is much expensive ...
  8. Request for comments; Tervigon W.I.P.

    Hi, All!
    This is my first note for CMON Blog,  so I took care of the pictures to make clearly to see for readers to see detail easily, was it success?

    The projection at root of tail will be sculpted to yet another termagaunt spawning.
     I'm going to make a leman-rass battle tank as base of this monster.
    Critisizes and advises are welcome. 
  9. Conversions


    I've started sculpting and converting a little bit more seriously...

    i hope you like's a GW minotaur converted to "giant"ogre for a Mordheim warband...

    Painting and Modelling ,
  10. my blog is at...

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