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  1. Amazons

    metals, crests, & hair done. got some trim in there too.
    The end is near! Though, I just ordered a musician and standard bearer for them too, so the unit will still be a while before it's done as a whole.

  2. On to the next competition

    <p>Hello all!&nbsp; So I won the Ebay competition and Poor Highbulp Billy lost.&nbsp; He gets to pick the next theme.&nbsp; I wonder what it will be?&nbsp; What ever it is I think I'll do another WIP of it.&nbsp; I like the feed back, it keeps me focused and my friend Wendy the lurker gets to see what I'm doing and read all your comments, which she really likes.&nbsp; Say hi to her if you post to me.&nbsp; She'll get a kick out of it.</p><p>My family ...
  3. Current Projects

    Just a quick note about what I'm working on at the moment.Project 1 is a Fallen Angel, I've posted some progress shots on the forum already. Here's the latest:My other major project is the Battle Company mentioned in the sidebar there. My goal is to paint up a full 100-strong company of Blood Ravens to a high gaming standard. All of them will have converted/scenic bases using gravel, cork, plasticard, bitz and greenstuff. Pretty standard urban rubble.There will be a mix of running and static poses ...
  4. Nothing to see here

    ... Yet!I figured it was about time I tried to do another one of these things. I've got a lousy track record for updating websites, but I figure there's a good chance I'll keep this one alive because I'm on Coolmini on a regular basis. Here's hoping I'm right.Hopefully I'll have some sort of layout figured out soon. These templates always leave something to be desired
  5. Amazons, the second coming

  6. Ork Stormboy Nob WIP - Big Guns

    Got a little more time last night so I worked on the Stormboy again. Finished up the Scorpion Green highlighting and called it good.

    It can be frustrating sometimes knowing that the pictures on the workbench aren't looking as good as real life, even with color correction in Photoshop, due to the lighting I use at my desk being much different than the ones when I "semi-professionally" shoot my models for CMON and my Big Shoota website. Oh well, I'll just ...
  7. Athena WIP - the end is nigh

    Finished the metals, re-did her crest, and finished the shield (motif based on Athenian coins ). She needs a few touchups yet, but almost there. . .

  8. Howdy

    Been a bit since my last update.  Sorry for that been a bit busy around here.  Haven't been doing much painting lately except on a couple of Christmas Projects (15 Christmas Villiage houses oh my).  Things around here have gone from bad to good - the GF lost her job the first of September and after a month off and looking, went to work for the same company I work for, on a different account in a different building here in Big A.  And, as we put it when I was working overseas, ...
  9. My Brother has been found

    Well, my brother and his family are safe and sound with no loss of property.&nbsp; I got in touch with his office finally and they said he was evacuated and won't be able to get back to his house until tomorrow so he's still out of touch.&nbsp; Thanks for everyone who responded to me and emailed me.&nbsp; You're all wonderful people!
  10. Keep on Movin' On - Stormboy Style

    I went back last night a blacklined the wrappings and finished up the lip ring. Itried a NMM on the ring and it turned out, ehhhh, ok. I think I'll have to start my testing on NMM with a larger area. Better luck next time, I guess.

    I moved on to the skin on the arms and body. Same color progression here: Orkhide Shade -> Dark Angels Green -> Snot Green -> Goblin Green -> Scorpion Green. After the Goblin Green I wash with Dark Green Ink to blend the layers ...

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