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  1. filthy english pig-dogs!

    For my scots-rebellion English: Sir Charles le Brun, his faithful hound Snoupé, and his trusted standard bearer Linus VanPelt, Esquire.

    The coat of arms is actuyally authentic for a knight who fought at Falkirk and aStirling (William le Vavasour).
  2. Imperial Guard Commisar AUCTION

  3. WIP - No muerto (Menhom-Dark Shadow)

    Bueno aqui ire subiendo mis proyectos en proceso. Los trabajos termiandos se pueden ver en "Album de fotos".Inauguro este primer paso con un "No muerto" (Menhom-Dark Shadow) de la coleccion Warlord Saga, de Andrea. La figura de de 54mm, y se divide principalmente en 2, la tunica (de resina) y el resto de cintura para arriba (de metal blanco).Ahora mismo estoy con la tunica, y estoy utilizando una tecnica mixta de aerografo y pincel, y siempre trabajando, en esta ocasion, con ...
  4. Ork Turkk -WIP

    I think GW has gone too far. I mean, really. Yeah, yeah, I know. We screamed and shook our fists and banged on the tables for new models, better sculpts and something to make the orks proud. Why the hell did they have to give it to us? Honestly, they've gone far beyond what I would have expected and I'm glad for it. As my previous blogs reported (sound important, doesn't it?) I'm currently finishing up the Ork Trukk and it's a challenge, for a couple of reasons.

    The level of ...
  5. Take Two - My GF Rocks -

    Ok, so yesterday I go to the LGS - I pick up an Iron Man graphic novel, From Hell (cause you can never have too many Alan Moore comics) and a whole bunch of Reaper Minis (some at 71% off - got to love inventory reduction sales plus good dice rolls).  So I'm sitting in my chair reading Iron Man when the GF calls from the other LGS in town - to tell me she's snagged some more Orks for the Horde - on sale.  So she got me a Nob in 'Eavy Armor, a Slaver, and a Wierdboy.  So, the Mob Grows. ...
  6. 40k Chaos Warlord Titan BIG Update 2.24.08

     Heres the update i know some of you have been waiting for. As you can see she's getting prettier I've Added alot more detail. I've started giving it its Plastic card "skin" and added some icons. I added more detail to the feet, legs, chainfist, and missile launcher.
  7. More things we learned in school... again

    Every time I write in this category I sincerely hope that it will be the last note, yet, alas our school just begging for more... My 6th grader, while going through the characteristic features of things living needs to complete "Life Processes Project". The idea is to illustrate 9 process characteristic of living things. (On the side... we are not in kindergarten, you know, kids in 6th grade should be able to WRITE, not to DRAW). So. I am reading through the list of 9 and all of ...
  8. Great Stag conversion

    Had a really fun time the last week or so converting up this new Wood Elf character. I bulked out a Dark Pegasus with a pile of greenstuff, and gave him a massive rack of antlers made out of Dryad branches and many many pins. If you look carefully, he even has the boy parts alluded to in previous posts :-)The "rider" is attached to the base with several magnets, so he can clip onto a regular sized base if the mount dies, or even if I just want to include him in an army without the Stag. ...
  9. Priest of Sigmar WIP Sugestions?

    A new miniature incomming!! :-D I am happy with this face I hope you like it. COLORS (basic mixes (aprox)):Base: Brown Sand + Cad. redy + brown orange.Lights: elf flesh, space grey wolvesShadows: Cad. redy + brown flesh + blackGlazes: some oranges, red colors and some pink for the scar Suggestions?
  10. Started Painting Today

    If I could take a decent picture today, I'd photograph my first effort at a skin tone.  I don't like it - very flat and uninteresting.  No life to it at all.Oh, well.  I picked up a second mini after reading a short "how-to" on painting skin.  I've got a base coat on it, and will start building up from there.  Hopefully, I'll end up with something a little more "alive" even though these are the Repentia figures.  I discovered several things as ...

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