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  1. Dead Men Don't Reload

  2. Undead Pirates Seeking Adventure and New Seas to Plunder

    These guys are up for sale on ebay.

    Next batch will be gunners and characters; stay tuned, or get in touch if you or yours might be interested.

  3. I have a blog?

    Well it seems i have had this little blog for at least about 3-4 months, i don't know; im not a, aaahhhhh.......................................... blog scientist (blog scientist? good i just outtarded myself)!And with that, this lazy hobbyist will get off his fat arse and do............uhm.........stuff.and just so you can get the jist of my work.................annddd since i can't seem to get my pictures on this blog i'll just link them (please don't shoot me with lvl 70 purple guns ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  4. Rome's Enemies Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

    still finisihing up the bases.
    Left to Right: German, Pict, Celt, Gaul, Celt, Celt. (all foundry)
  5. Almost done!

    Well, the building phase is almost complete. Just a few finishing details and the internal electonics need to be added. Any votes out there for which titan legion to paint it? Right now i'm leaning towards Legio Mortis... Final Update before Painting should be up within a week.
  6. Ork Prospektor up for votes

    Like the title says, I've now got the Nazgrub model up for voting. Thanks for the votes and comments so far, it's good to hear people like him! Click here if you want to vote.
  7. Games Day rocked my socks off

    Hey guys, I'll be home tonight so I can post some pics and stuff later. But for now, I'll just say how much fun I had in Toronto, and at Games Day. Met some cool people, got some cool swag, had an awesome visit with my old friend Jay Griffiths (head of retail Canada), and walked away with 4 trophies.The Ork got gold in 40k single, which I was amazed to learn. That was one tough category, with 13 extremely solid finalists. Some great models didn't see the podium. Arwen, my Warrior Priest ...
  8. God I'm a lazy bastard

    Wow - been a long time since my last update.  Sorry, just haven't gotten used to this whole posting online thing. Lets see - got some minis painted, and even posted some here for scoring.  Started a 40k group with some guys from work - we play our first game Saturday, which should be interesting as I think no one has any painted minis at this point. And I finally found out about a job thats been in the works since January.  I've leapt the final hurdle as it were, and have ...
  9. WIP - Buhrdur (Terminado)

    Bueno, despues de la mania que le cogi a esta figura, por fin esta terminada.Se puede ver en el album de fotos.Un saludo 
  10. Nuevo curso de pintura en Barcelona 19 y 20 Julio

    Hola a todos.
    Después de un tiempo hemos conseguido organizado un nuevo curso de pintura en Barcelona.

    El lugar será en un estudio en la calle C/ General Palafox.

    La duración del curso será de 16 horas a lo largo de el fin de semana. El curso será el sabado y domingo 19 y 20 de julio con plazo máximo de inscripción el 13 de julio. El número máximo de plazas será de 8 personas y el precio del curso de 120 euros.

    El temario será el que ...

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