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  1. Dire avengers - almost done

    This is the squad I mentioned yesterday. Comment, suggestions and so on are welcomed and appreciated 1. 2.
  2. tired of hearing about amazons yet?

    I woke up sick this morning. yuck.
    Mustered the concentration to paint for a little while, but not enough to take pictures. Finished most of the last bits- sandals, feet, eyes, spears, and most of the touchups they needed. The eyes were hard enough, being as out of it as I am, so I left the shields for later.
    No freehand on cold medicine.

    Almost there.

    My figures I'm painting for the FUUK Salute game arrived from Westwind today. .. I'm a little underwhelmed. ...
  3. Time Travel Bad?

    Just watching a bit of TV again today when I should be studying (big shocker) and I think it's official. I might have to repeal or at least amend my previous views on time travel.I used to say that time travel was the worst thing to happen to TV shows. Star Trek Enterprise is a good example of this: cool concept, limitless universe of possibilities, but instead they fudge it all by starting the show with a temporal cold war... garbage! Almost as bad as alien Nazis and evil parallel universes... ...
  4. Last week...

    Slowly emerging from the ground… Last week could be…. better, so no updates, although I have enough stuff for all my categories. I finally finished a unit of dire avengers that I consider table-top level. While doing it I tried bunch of new techniques to speed things up, for example I did away with traditional highlighting and just glazed everything to create a natural (HA!) gradients. I will post them as soon as collect my residual wits to make pictures. The spawn WIP of which I ...
  5. Amazons

    metals, crests, & hair done. got some trim in there too.
    The end is near! Though, I just ordered a musician and standard bearer for them too, so the unit will still be a while before it's done as a whole.

  6. On to the next competition

    <p>Hello all!&nbsp; So I won the Ebay competition and Poor Highbulp Billy lost.&nbsp; He gets to pick the next theme.&nbsp; I wonder what it will be?&nbsp; What ever it is I think I'll do another WIP of it.&nbsp; I like the feed back, it keeps me focused and my friend Wendy the lurker gets to see what I'm doing and read all your comments, which she really likes.&nbsp; Say hi to her if you post to me.&nbsp; She'll get a kick out of it.</p><p>My family ...
  7. Current Projects

    Just a quick note about what I'm working on at the moment.Project 1 is a Fallen Angel, I've posted some progress shots on the forum already. Here's the latest:My other major project is the Battle Company mentioned in the sidebar there. My goal is to paint up a full 100-strong company of Blood Ravens to a high gaming standard. All of them will have converted/scenic bases using gravel, cork, plasticard, bitz and greenstuff. Pretty standard urban rubble.There will be a mix of running and static poses ...
  8. Nothing to see here

    ... Yet!I figured it was about time I tried to do another one of these things. I've got a lousy track record for updating websites, but I figure there's a good chance I'll keep this one alive because I'm on Coolmini on a regular basis. Here's hoping I'm right.Hopefully I'll have some sort of layout figured out soon. These templates always leave something to be desired
  9. Amazons, the second coming

  10. Ork Stormboy Nob WIP - Big Guns

    Got a little more time last night so I worked on the Stormboy again. Finished up the Scorpion Green highlighting and called it good.

    It can be frustrating sometimes knowing that the pictures on the workbench aren't looking as good as real life, even with color correction in Photoshop, due to the lighting I use at my desk being much different than the ones when I "semi-professionally" shoot my models for CMON and my Big Shoota website. Oh well, I'll just ...

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