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  1. Working On A Wasteland

  2. Dwarf Slayer painting video

  3. Ghouls painting video

  4. Abyssal Terror conversion and painting

  5. Heinrich Kemmler painting video

  6. '' Let your imagination fly ''

    Hello to everyone.
    Im a new member in this blog.
    This is my last project.
    Steampunk fantasy in 1/32 full scratch build.
    The materials that i used is evergreen for the base of bicycle.The book was made by wood,with laser cut
    The other made metal parts and the globe made by evergreen.
    Painting with acrylics and oils.
    The figure scratch and paint by my dear friend Christos Panagiotopoulos.
    I hope you like it.
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  7. well cant get with em

    well all how do i orter mini from this sight EEEEERRRGGGG got call the war store i geass will see
  8. Restock

    Quote Originally Posted by drakonianheart View Post
    Hello People.

    With the news about Green Horde i want play Black Plague, any one know something about restock?
    Wait until mid April; the online store should have a more up to date inventory then.
  9. Reasearch log

    As an ambassador of boardgames I'm researching several age and social groups to find the perfect games for them. This is subject 0401, a perfect candidate for zombie games although she seemed to have difficulties of understanding the difference in the nature of slow and fast zombies.
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  10. What do you do while painting?

    Quote Originally Posted by uberdark View Post
    I watch shows I've watched a million times before. Buffy, Angel, Breaking Bad........but it almost always reverts to Star Trek DS9.
    I tend to listen to comedy reruns (HIGNFY, mock the week etc) or electronica /EDM or YouTube- Tabletop minions is a favourite.

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