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  1. Old Republic Commando

  2. Milosh's Pin-Ups and Hot Chicks WIP log

    Quote Originally Posted by Milosh View Post
    thanks guys. I see what WGS and CP were talking about (good eyes). I went in and scrapped the blemish away and repainted the area. Kabuki really should find a new caster, not a single figure from them is in a good shape out of the box.

    I did some more work on her and made the ground she will be standing on, Just need to pour the water and make a water fall.
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  3. Center Stage Miniatures Tome of Horrors Complete 2 - Final Days

    Center Stage miniatures are on the final days of their newest kickstarter. Check it out here:

    Some great and interesting models coming off this line, I would suggest checking it out.
  4. Yamaha r6 / 2oo8.

  5. Alien X-mas Decoration and Alien Warrior Head

    Alien X-mas Decoration and Alien Warrior Head

    For more - visit: _ S.O.A.T _


    Alien X-mas Decoration

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    Alien Warrior Head

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  6. Alien Dioramas

  7. Hello Again

    We`ll since my last post are now more than 6 months ago.

    It`s About my Project to create a german Tabletop - Website for Information about Tabletop Gaming to get new Players.
    Informacial - Non Commercial.
    I don`t want to sell anything.

    Some User`s of coolminiornot gave me some pictures, so i could integrate them in the website.

    Today I haven`t finished at all.
    I`m looking for more Tutorials and pictures of Different Tabletop-games. ...
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    Tabletop Gaming , General
  8. Ashet Magnus, eVersion

  9. Bromgeksin

  10. Survey about future painting competition for the community

    Do you play miniature tabletop games? Are you a painter of miniatures? Please assist the the community with this survey.

    Once you've taken it, please feel free to share as well to other painters and forums.

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