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  1. nin, the wolves girl

  2. Men at arms

    oh how fun it is to paint 16 at once... Brown is in the new black for pesants...
  3. For starters

    Finaly started up the Bretonnians and after some initial frustration i have decided to go with one colorscheme over the board.
    It will be yellow/black on pesant, errant and KoTR. White on Questing knights and a multicolor on the Grail knights.
    As a fun side of it i will try to make a representant of every familymember. So my 1 year old will be a paige to myself on a royal pegas
    The 5 year old will be a charging KoTR, the 7 year old will be Q knights champion (Respannse) ...
  4. Stone Trolls

    My TT painting continues and this time I completed these 3 Stone Trolls during a afternoon.

    I painted the blue stuff with regal blue with a large brush. Highlighted once and then drybrushed codex gray over it using a small brush.
    The stomach and ears are just Codex grey highlighted with white.
    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. Orcs TT painting

    I did a little experiment with painting som ORCS fast and simple. I painted them during 2-3 days. No highlights. This is the result:

    Im quite pleased with the result and i will continue to paint my orcs and goblins army in this quality.
    Painting and Modelling ,
  6. Toil and pain...

    ...are the best words to describe finishing first part of my second tactical squad. I couldn't have dealt with all 10 of them, so I split them into combat squads for painting purposes. It was horrible - I must regain my strength before I make myself finish those squads up.
    One could ask - why not finish the first squad? The answer is simple - two squads with minimum numbers allow me to start gaming, whereas one in full strength can at best battle the dustballs on my windowsill, where it customarily ...
  7. Baltimore Golden Demon 2010 coverage

    Good morning, folks!
    We got back from Baltimore yesterday, about 12 am. This year GD was much more impressive, representative and intense that the one before it. Competition was pretty fierce albeight uneven in several categories. As usually, 40K single, Fantasy single and (this year) LOTR single were incredibly intense with multiple very strong entries by several top painters. More unusually, 40K vehicle, 40K squad, 40K Large, Large and Open were well represented and high quality as well. ...
  8. Ork landship - final update.

    This is the final update on Scott's creation. Whoever attends the Games day will have a chance to meet this (and Scott) face to face. In the final push over the last two weeks Scott removed all FW elements from the boat to avoid pottential rule conflicts added crew (well, just the kaptin and his pet for now). THe Ship awaits its name! Any suggestions?

  9. And so it begins...

    I first heard about WH40K sometime between my primary and high school (back then in Poland we used to have a 3-step education system: primary school, high school, college). In 1992 I was on a summer language course in Sheffield, UK, and there, in a GW store, I bought my first Space Marines tactical squad (2nd ed.) and a dedicated paint set (spending a big part of my money on it). Right about this time first wargaming stores started opening up back home. I was instantly immersed in the WH40K universe, ...
  10. Stripping Whispers

    Well, I finally got around to stripping the two already painting Whispers in preparation for my colour changes/updates and general (hopefully) upgrading of my models.
    As the models are metal, I use a cheap acetone-based nail varnish remover. My models had several layers of paint on them, along with a gloss varnish and then matt. I left them in the acetone for 24 hours and then carefully peeled the paint off the models. It comes off fairly easily, but I wouldn't recommend scrubbing as it just ...

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