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Painting and Modelling

  1. Cryx Part 06

    I hate leaving models incomplete, so i finished off the plates of amour at the side keeping it a dark colour and scheme. Once i was happy with the blending i started work on the gold nmm. Started with a dark brown and then a lighter brown, then i added small amounts of yellow and then some white. Working this up i managed to get a nice smooth blend then black spotted the bits i covered on the vent around the gun. Im happy with the end effect, might need a bit of cleaning up at the edges. Almost ...
  2. Cryx Part 05

    Well today i had a bit of time this morning and decided to continue with the painting, its looking much more complete and i corrected the knee colour a bit more i think in a few more days i might actually finish the model. I seem to be working quite quickly as painting goes. Still trying to get the nmm effect smooth so that when i do the glow effect of the green it will be easier.  Total Time (17 hours)
  3. Games Workshop store on Austin street will be closed on 7/13

    As subject said it this Saturday will be the last day of this store. Unfortunately, our GW people learned about it only this Friday. Just a day before it I was joking that the temporary state of this store became rather permanent. Oh well, as sad as it is not that we didn't know that it would eventually happen.
  4. Cryx Part 04

    Well i started painting one of the models, i wanted a dark feel to the model so the main armoured plates i used a mix of darkblue and black paint to get the base colour and progressively added grey to the mix its not a subtle highlight at all but i kinda got the effect i wanted anyway. The reason of doing it this way was so that i can then carefully put evil runes on the darker plates giving it a more "cryx-like" feel. Im happy with the gold nmm on the feet area but it could be a little ...
  5. Grumlok and Gazbag. Age of Reckoning limited edition warboss- WIP

    This is the Ork Warboss Grumlok with his buddy shaman Gazbag who are together leads the Bloody Sun Boyz from the Age of Reckoning. The miniature will be included into collector's edition of the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning game and will be available sometimes in September/October. During the Games Day at Baltimore this mini was given to the winners of golden demons.
  6. Cryx Part 03

    Ok so after spending an evening drilling, filing and glueing stuff and my fingers together i was able to assemble the models and remove mold lines and green stuff any of the gaps. The slayer took me a little longer since its such a large model and i didnt finish green stuffing the arms until day 2 of the assembly process. Gave every model a black primer except for the slayer since the green stuff isn't dry yet. I'm so excited about painting the models so i painted the base of one of the models. ...
  7. Received my demons yesterday (July 9)

    As you might know resin Demon trophies from Baltimore 2008 did not set properly and were leaking resin. GW had to recast them and mail them out to winners. Yesterday they arrived all the way from UK, all three of them in perfect shape as demonic as one would expect them to be. Rather big too.
    Sooo, if you still don't have yours you should expect them soon.
  8. Deadeye

  9. Wyrd's Total Testosterone

    Cheer to all who are participating in yet another great event over at Wyrd.  I hope everyone's entries are going swimmingly as are mine.  I have two in now, and hope to have at least two more done by the deadline.  Sadly, I cannot show them or even hint at what they are, but I can say they are some of my best work yet.  Improving with every mini, regardless of its result has that effect.  I am firm believer these days that as long as you have learned something, its a good ...
  10. Back in PA

    Well after an extended leave of absence im back from sj ..and look here already painting.introducing Chaplain Grimaldus and his servitors 
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