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  1. More base coats of paint

    Progress.  I've added a few more base colors for the clothes and the weapons.  Selected three of the ten for the BLING photo shot.
  2. It always happens when you don't want it to...

    Yes, boys and girls, I'm talking about personal injuries. I've been excited and motivated about a few of the figs that've been on my WIP desk for awhile now.  Actually got some paint on 'em, and was hoping to spend some time this weekend, maybe even finish one.And then I went and crushed a finger.  Was doing some yard work, cleaning out a bunch of concrete that used to be a raised flower-bed wall.  Was tossing a particularly awkward (and very heavy) piece of concrete into the bed ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  3. The Custodian Guard

     Well Hi People, Here i want to show you my new 40k army forming the custodian guard, or Legio Custodes as they are known...  I'm building this army for the 2007 dutch 40k grand tournament, well in a short time I will write a article where I will show you  in a few steps how to create your own jetbikes... well this leaves me to say I will await your comments,  Gregor 
    , Warhammer 40K
  4. Day 2 - feathers - beak, feet - wild yellow hair

    This is a test to see how my photos with BLING work here! The feathers are painted an offwhite - with later highlights in pure white.  Bill and feet are painted in a very old paint called "create a finish."  The wild feather hair is done in bad moon yellow.
  5. Check is in the mail!

    So I got my check, people's packages (except the good friend's who's package needs 1 more item in it) have been sent and life is getting better.  Now all I have to do is get the tooth pulled and I can be bright and pleasant again.  Sorry for the wining.  couldn't help it.
  6. Big Shoota Updated

    I've finally gotten around to a reworking of my Big Shoota website. Redesigned to get you to want you want faster! I also have all new photos of my Ork Army, Red Jacks Waaagh!
    You see, i work at an ad agency and we've got a really nice camera, a Canon EOS 5D with a nice 28-135mm lens. We've also got a couple of lights with softboxes. I took them home finally and did whole days photoshoot of my army for the Big Shoota site and here at CMON. I tell ya, the difference between an alright camera ...
  7. Whining

    <p>So this is the place I seem to go when I need to complain.&nbsp; Please take this with a grain of salt.&nbsp; I'm just blowing off steam.</p><p>I have a bad tooth that needs to get pulled.&nbsp; I can't do it untill my husbands insurance check comes in and it 3 days late.&nbsp; I can't send out my ME13 minis for the same reason and I have a box containing my Total Testosterone mini that I'm sending to Tracy all ready to go and a box full of brushes, minis, Future ...
  8. Been a Bit

    Been a bit since my last visit here to the land of the blog.  Not much going on except work.  Apparently the number of clueless cell phone owning asshats quintupled while I was over learning to enjoy sand in every available opening on my body.Yes, I work tech support.  And yes if you are calling tech support we probably hate you just as much as you hate us.  We do understand that you have bought a piece of equipment that you have no clue on how to operate, but feel you somehow ...
  9. WIP Runequest Ducks

    They are primed black and placed on bases and ready for painting.  I'll probably sart off with the white feathers, go to the orange beaks and then work on the yellow moon "hair."
  10. end of summer

    I hate this time of the year... having 3 people in the family who are either go to school or teach makes one very stressful end of summer... I was always wondering who come up with this briliant idea that all schools and colleges have to start on different days.... and why two different schools in the same city require different set of papers, forms and medical requirements.... Oh well, I am supposed I am just whining and trying to find an excuse to why I am not painting anything at the moment. ...

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