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  1. And so it begins!!!

    I received the models last night! I will post some pics of the conversion work I have begun soon.

    First up is individualizing "the twins". I have a Space Wolf Heavy Flamer that is crying out to be used, so I am going to turn one of the twins into a Heavy Flamer Terminator!
    I will be magnetizing the Heavy Flamer arm and the Storm Bolter arm so that he can also be a Vanilla Terminator. This is primarily so that I have a functional squad that I can use in Space Hulk before I ...
  2. Day Dreaming

    I have decided that I am going to expand this project to encompass 12 models in total.
    I am going to make Deathwing equivalents to each of the Blood Angels that came in the Space Hulk set.

    I am thinking that a Terminator version of Ezekiel is going to be the centre piece of this force.
    I will give him his classic two handed sword pose.

  3. Dark Vengeance!

    I have placed an order for the Dark Vengeance Terminator squad, and I am planning on converting them so that I can use them in Space Hulk.

    This project is going to involve giving the squad custom "Hulky" bases and potentially swapping out/magnatizing the Assault Cannon for a Heavy Flamer. Of course I am going to be doing something to address ...
  4. 35mm Braavosi

  5. 35mm Braavosi

  6. special offers

    Engineer Combat Company (winter),M1 57mm gun (winter),M5 3in gun (winter),
    Bazooka Teams (winter),Artillery HQ (winter)

    german SS division RRP £81 SAVE £11
    SS Infanterie Platoon,SS Machine-gun Platoon,SS Mortar Platoon,SS Pioneer Platoon,
    SS-Panzergrenadier Command,SS Heavy Machine-gun Platoon,SS-Heavy Mortar Platoon

    US Paratroopers RRP £43.50 special offer price £35.00 ...
  7. new store

    hi all just to let every 1 know that skullminifig the store is up and running

    thanks for looking
  8. Cang!!!

    So I finally got permission from She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed to buy a Cang the Implacable! Here he is in all his boxed and wrapped glory! I plan to unwrap all the parts this weekend (If I can get the picture shelves on my Honey-Do list built and finished in a reasonable amount of time) and get more pictures of CoolMiniorNot Resin-y goodness posted for your viewing pleasure.

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    Updated 09-27-2012 at 07:58 AM by Bloodhowl

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  9. Games Day

    Well it was a great day,

    Golden demon saw a lot of lovely entries, my main entry didnt make first cut, but the one i took as a wild card got a finalist pin, and eavy metal painters said i am creating some lovely stuff.

    Bought far too much FW stuff, but well worth it in the end.

    Main result of the day was this:

  10. pre orders for flames of open fire

    pre orders being taken now for flames of war : open fire £40 + p&p

    Attachment 15926 (flames of war page)

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