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  1. Jan from WarGamingMamas's Avatar
    This is one fine base man ! :-)
  2. MarioAurelio's Avatar
    Hi Chaotic!

    Thanks for passing by, I've just edited the link. I hope it works now.

    I'm trying to pick some concepts that are a bit different than the usual. Hopefully I'll find something that is both different and appealing. I've sadly got a reply from the author of Betty and Connor and he is not interested. Hopefully it will go better with Mutant: mechatron. I'll keep you posted.

    I'm mostly interested in sci-fy, dystopian future styles. If you happen to find anything interesting please send it over
  3. Chaotic Creations's Avatar
    Hey Mario,
    well good on you for doing this! I have many times thought what it would take to get some unique figures made, so I follow this with interest!!!

    as for the figure ideas, I can only see three of them as the mutant pic won’t load up for me??? But from that three, And to be totally honest (and it is just my personal opinion of course), I’m not really super excited by any of those concept arts... although in saying that I really feel Betty and Conner would make an awesome figure!!! So that would be my choice out of the three I can see.

    good luck on your quest mate, and keep updating how you go with everything, as I find this quite intriguing and will be following.

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