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  1. Nidzilla Project 03

    Ok so i finally finished my first carnifex, overall im very happy with how he looks i think i could have blended some areas a bit better and been a bit neater in areas too, but for now im going to leave it at that as im a bit tired. The bone was done starting with:1. Scorched Brown2. Scorched Brown + Bestial Brown3. Bestial Brown4. Bestial Brown + Bleached Bone5. Bleached Bone
     Then i added some green to the model on the vented areas for some colour and finally i painted the sac a mix ...
  2. a dark secret

    unspeakable things are happening at Madponies.

    ORCS have been seen on the painting bench!

    Don't worry, it'll all be back to normal before too long.
  3. Lootas Update

    My progress is slow - wish I could devote mroe time to them but such is that facts of life. The deff guns from the new lootas are, as the trukk, insanely detailed. I've taken a simpler route and coler scheme though. I saw somewhere (I wish I could find it), someone did them in a red and black fashion and they looked sharp. That fits right in with the look of my army so here it goes.Still finishing off the main parts before moving on to the metallics - which will be a long process as well. Hopefully ...
  4. Nidzilla Project 02

    Ok day 2 of painting my first carnifex, the carapace today. Its looking pretty good but it took ages to do so much carapace in one go. So the blend i used was: 1. Chaos Black + Liche Purple 2. Liche Purple  3. Liche Purple + Skull White Overall it looks pretty good i will try and clean up around the top areas but its enough for tonight. Going to use pink for the sacs , next step i think is teeth and bone aswell. I might do all the gills/venting areas green for some contrasting ...
  5. Nidzilla Project 01

    Ok so here is the first part of the monsters in my nidzilla army, i was testing different combos if colour on some rippers but settled for a red flesh with black carapace with purple highlights. A touch of green and blue for some colour offset. Im really happy with how it all looks the rippers look great, and i will be doing a step by step of my carnifex .. well kinda. I've based up the model and put on a base colour of foundation red on the model and inked it brown all over. No need to worry ...
  6. off we go . . .

    So - to business, I bought a box of boyz as my first Orks and was pleased with the amount of bitz that come with the plastic set. Anyway I made 2 models so far the nob with a power klaw and the dude with the big shoota. I made both these guys outta the box currently and i am currently deciding on what to add to them. Until then its under the scalpel for both of them.
  7. on my way . . .

    Hey all, I am new to the site and the principle of recording my work like this. Painting and modelling however are not new to me so there is no problem there. The new army is Orks, having had trouble with painting space marines - always have trouble painting hard lines and extreme highlighting i decided to go to something that has a more natural feel to them.I'll be painting this army as my aside for schoolwork. Therefore this will not be a slap up army, it'll be painted probably over the next year ...
  8. Cabin Boy (with no chance of promotion)

  9. Daemons & other oddities

    Once again, we went to the 24-hour paint-a-pa-looza at Sanctuary Games, and had a great time. The last few months, most everyone was painting WHFB or 40K miniatures, but this time there was a wider variety of entries and painting styles. We saw an amazing Millennium Falcon, some excellent Warmachine Khador, and a fabulous oop Dark Elf Hydra. Heather’s entry, Hamika, won Judges vote in this months competition.We’ve finally got our prices page up – we offer 3 different grades of ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  10. Pirate Party

    The undead pirates are partying down because they are all done being painted, and thus the crew is ready to get underway. They are also forsale on ebay should anyone want them.

    Individual pictures On CMON

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