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  1. Mega Deff Dread eBay $1 Start!
    Painting and Modelling ,
  2. 40K Ork Mega Deff Dread ver.2 painted

  3. Space Hulk - Brother Deino

    I finally finished this guy. I have almost no time lately. May be after they fire me I will start painting full time but it hasn't happen yet.  Anyway, I still have issues with taking pictures of red minies, but thanks to Dragonsreach and Spacemunkie I think I am getting better. I made some changes compared to my previous space hulk guy. For example, I ditched all white heraldry in favor of NMM gold and I replaced purple gems by blue. Since this guy is a renowned sharpshooter I figured that ...
  4. This years plan

    OK; its time to decide what I want to do in 2010. To this end I asked a friend of mine to pull together a 2000 point list for me for an army that would be competitive. He outdid himself and produced five lists. I liked the look of them and have decided that I would like to have a go at painting up four of the lists in a year. Two Vampire counts and two Warriors of Chaos armies (one of which is just for fun). Therefore I need to buy, assemble and paint the following…1 Vampire Lord, 1 ...
  5. Hail Karl Franz

    Welcome to the blog of Heniosha! This blog is dedicated to my 2010 project - a Byzantine themed show -piece Empire army! I hope you enjoy it. Peace to all James Studio Heniosha    
  6. Space Wolves assembling!

    I have assembled my Space Wolves and done some easy "conversions" with pieces from the Grey Hunters pack to make my Dreadnought and Terminators have a more Space Wolf feel over them. Maybe not much but im quite satisfied with it. Next up is painting Njal! Im happy that I  have enough pieces left over from the Space Wolves pack frames to convert my devestator team to Long Fangs aswell.

    Painting and Modelling ,
  7. Erste Grafiken im Fotoalbum "Hintergrundgeschichte"

    Es gibt die ersten Grafiken zu bestaunen, diese findet ihr hier, im Fotoalbum "Hintergrundgeschichte"!
    Warhammer 40K , Allgemeines
  8. No title

    At now I'm going to start with my own custom chapter. May be this idea will be successful. Your critics and comments are welcome.
  9. Happy Gandalf and New Year!

    I painted this mini about six months ago, but I thought that Gandalf the White looks like Santa Claus more than any other of my models Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Painting and Modelling ,
  10. Life is very hard

    Its not easy living in Sweden(or as I like to call it, Fenris) during winter. The cold makes it impossible to spray my miniatures becuase the Citadel Spray paint doesnt work
    at all below zero. How will I survive? I dont think spraying indoors is a good option:S I guess I just have to wait for spring...I hope my Space Wolves pack, codex and Njal the Stormcaller will arrive soon    
    Painting and Modelling ,

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