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  1. Carrellata di vecchi lavori

    Ecco una carrellata dei miei "vecchi" lavori, che tanto vecchi non sono perchè risalgono a non più di sette, otto mesi fa. Il primo è Radagast il Bruno, uno degli Istari. Poi un capitano degli Esterling proveniente dal Rhun. Per finire un trio di temibili Guardie Nere di Barad-dur, èlite delle truppe di Mordor.

    Radagast il Bruno

    Capitano degli Esterling

    Other ,
  2. Captain Kelian Durak - Rackham

    Well as a model to get me back into the swing of painting for 2011 in april i managed to finish this model which i've been dying to paint for a long time. After seeing Automaton's version i drooled over it and after a long time searching i managed to finally get myself the model and painted it in my own style all shiny and sparkly.

  3. Eolith - Demonette

    I painted this as a gift for a friend, but i also wanted to limit the palette i use and make an interesting contrast in the colours used. This is also one of the few models where i've not been lazy with the base and actually made a big effort into the final effects. Im pretty proud of it and the gift was a success so win win all around for me.

  4. For starters

    Finaly started up the Bretonnians and after some initial frustration i have decided to go with one colorscheme over the board.
    It will be yellow/black on pesant, errant and KoTR. White on Questing knights and a multicolor on the Grail knights.
    As a fun side of it i will try to make a representant of every familymember. So my 1 year old will be a paige to myself on a royal pegas
    The 5 year old will be a charging KoTR, the 7 year old will be Q knights champion (Respannse) ...
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