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  1. Best Paints for ChiBis?

    Hi Friends, and well anyone who takes the time to read this. I am VERY new to the CMON and Mini World all together. But I absolutely fell in love when I came across Arcadia Quest one day and purchased my very first set. I am absolutely itching to paint my new little friends but I am a perfectionist and I want nothing but the best for my craft. That said I have a few questions from the pros out there...

    1 - Best Paints (including finishes and primers) to use

    The color grade ...
  2. Zombicide Black Plague painting....

    Hey guys...I just painted all my Zombies and Villains from my Zombicide Black Plague core box...thought I would share. Its still a work in progress. And I have to apologies for the poor quality of my camera...

    Name:  primed.jpg
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    I started with Three tone primer. Primed them all black, the grey from the top, then a lighted grey at the very top...I was out of white, so it didnt turn out like I wanted it...

    Name:  base1.jpg
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Size:  55.4 KBName:  base2.jpg
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Size:  144.6 KBName:  base5.jpg
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Size:  53.4 KBName:  base3.jpg
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Size:  142.7 KBName:  base7.jpg
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  3. Infinity Achilles

  4. bloodletter battle standard

    Name:  20160323_220355.jpg
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Size:  538.7 KBName:  20160323_220355.jpg
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    Used more of a planted flag type thing to allow for space from all the custom positioning and extra arms
  5. bloodletter wip "curb stomp"

  6. right corner bloodletter

  7. bloodletter/coldone

  8. Khorne gore gallery

    Quote Originally Posted by RHCannon View Post
    Name:  20160323_203103-1.jpg
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    Had a lot of trouble getting all my units to line up in formation just in time for gw to scrap the rule set
  9. Khorne gore gallery

  10. Khorne gore gallery

    Quote Originally Posted by RHCannon View Post
    Name:  20160323_203140-1.jpg
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    Been working on a unit of bloodletters for too long now. Really trying to custom sculpt/pose every unit. Jam pack the gore!

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