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  1. will do more soon

    well ALL out thare you see more my stuff on the you tube see the stomper the swiggoth see the amazons see yes thare a joke hare history of wold part one with see hiler on ice yes bunch crap going on and up sets me the dump the shooting will goty do stuff just dont like to ALL the crap not fare afrad to go out but we must do this its my mom 75TH b day and we go to shady mapel and get stuff have the diner but l;ike play lot of warhamer both 40k and WHFB will see got vid games will do some soon ...
  2. Best Paints for ChiBis?

    Hi Friends, and well anyone who takes the time to read this. I am VERY new to the CMON and Mini World all together. But I absolutely fell in love when I came across Arcadia Quest one day and purchased my very first set. I am absolutely itching to paint my new little friends but I am a perfectionist and I want nothing but the best for my craft. That said I have a few questions from the pros out there...

    1 - Best Paints (including finishes and primers) to use

    The color grade ...
  3. Hi all

    hi all ,
    I' m a new entry in this community. I come from Italy and since I was a child I have been an enthusiast modeller and I really love miniatures painting.
    I met this site about 20 years ago and every day I look it and the fantastic works it shows: many compliments to all the painters !
    I have stopped to paint for several years due to my work that gave me no time, but now I want to pick up again brushes and paint to restart again, as I was quite a good modeler, at the time ...
  4. Size000Hero's WIP

    This is a goblin mini I'm currently working on. I picked orange eyes to resemble the orange eyes that some snakes and lizards have. All comments and criticisms are greatly welcomed and appreciated. Thank you all!

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  5. welll things

    welll TO ALL if like see better pic and vid oof my stuff go to the you tube dont look at em hare not goosd mabe i stop posing them haer all to gether you just vote em down anny how just be enouiying the TROLL like do that and just piss off ALL OUT THAREE yes a TROLL does play or paint and post just capens that not good enuff becaous that why never picked up a brush or did a mini in ther life if have army thay have some one to paint it fore them yes mack job fore BTP and others that well ...
  6. Cant stand do nuthing trollll

    YES THARE AT AGENA DAM TROLLL do nuthing TROLLL who has no pic of mini or proly dont paint and my minis are older then him DO NUTHING TROLL dam DUMB ASS TROLL and one who voted me down DAM FEN TROLLS my 3o year old space marien whas not goo enuff fore TROLL EEEEEEEERRRRGGG not going to ues that hare but if ever meat one the TROLLS and this one in persen and know that he s himm wellgess what WWHHAAMMP right in the face lets see tipe afeter icrush skull FEN TROLL HATE fore TROLLLS ESPESHALY ...
  7. Moscow Comic convention

    We've been attending Moscow Comic conventon this weekend with all range of Krosmaster (Arena, Quest and Junior), teaching and demoing for two whole days. we also had some Blood rage and Rum and Bones to show to everyone interested.

    Just check out the pics - Batman playing Krosmaster is awesome (will be adding more pics as soon as our photographer gets them ready)
    Tabletop Gaming , Other , General
  8. My First Demo

    Hows it going group! Since this is my first blog I will introduce myself a bit. My name is Nathan Ortiz and I am currently living in Germany. I'm an active duty member of the USAF currently working a NATO mission. I run a few monthly game nights at the local bases and also a multinational board game group. I am a HUGE fan of CMON board games and couldn't pass up this opportunity. I held my first demo yesterday of Zombicide BP. Over all, everything went great, had lots of interest in the game and ...
    Tabletop Gaming
  9. a bat rep on the YOU TUBES ?

    think of doiing a bat rep of my amazons and kaos with new king of war demonic girls as sedish demens i ues the enpier ruels gess one thing got go back one or two edds to ues the demens will see hve do in basment to do the armys say 3000 ponts may be 3500 who knows just be fun and yes roll the dice and obay the ruels to play the game cued do vapier conts and amazons will see now just doing maren camader and soon hi elf troops frome my iland of blood will get em all dun some day thinking geting ...
  10. [Infinity] Panoceania jeanne d'Arc

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