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  1. Painfully boring evening

    Wow that sure wasn't any fun at all... just spent an entire evening fixing models while waiting for various Windows functions to load... the registry collapsed on our family computer.So for all the incredibly complicated ways for the Eagle to break, it picked a really boring one. The cracks in the flying stand completely gave out when I got the model home. So I had to snap off the peg, drill out the part stuck in the base, drill out the belly of the bird, touch up around the drilling, glue on a ...
  2. Verdigris

    Issue #3 of Wargames Painting and Modelling is finally out, and includes an article I wroute about painting verdigris.

  3. Rejoicing in Athel Loren

    Woohoo, first game of the campaign is a massacre for the Wood Elves! I had to fight Bretonians too, which was making me nervous. In the end, my feint on the right flank with the Wardancers bought me enough time to whittle down the two units of Knights with my Glade Guard archers.In the end the key to victory was stalling him as long as possible. I held him at arm's length for a while and eventually my Wardancers got a chance to get into combat. They soaked a charge admirably using the 4+ Ward dance, ...
  4. Derniers ajouts

    Bien le bonjour et bienvenue sur ce nouveau blog, qui va me servir plus qu'a vous....oui en effet je créer cette page pour eviter à mes amis de passer sur CMONpour voir mes figs et mes favorites.Pour Infos j'ai trois figurines en cours depuis un mois, je pense les terminer d'ici 3 semaines encore...j'ai énormement de travail et ne peut donc consacrerque trés peu de temps à mes figs en ce moment !  Thermo Guerrier Légérement convertit
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  5. Hmm - been a bit.

    Sorry guys - the last few weeks have been a bit strained. I'm sitting here sore as hell after spending most of the day installing ramps for a friend.  She was in a car wreck just before Christmas, and has been in either the hospital or rehab since then.  The good news is she comes home tomorrow, and my GF can quit hauling her mother back and forth to the hospital. The bad news was that I got to spend most of today trying to figure out how to attach two ramps (one to the front ...
  6. New Years goodness

    Hey all, I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday so far. Just thought I'd give a quick update while I'm still under the blissful effects of unsafe dosages of extra strength Asparin. Got a nasty cold complete with pounding headaches, sore throat and last night I had a lovely time freezing and shivering in bed despite a massive pile of blankets once I got home from the New Years shindig.So I probably won't be doing any more painting for a day or two, I had been making some good progress on ...
  7. break from the break

    Okay, yuletide happenings are finally done, time to get back to work. The empire reiksguard go back into a holding pattern (hopefully not as long of one as previously) as a load of figures for a big comission finally arrived, as well as one single figure that I'll be doing for another customer at the same time. Should be an interesting stretch coming up . The main project is a set of figures for a Space:1889 victorian sci-fi RPG. Colonial era British soldiers, Victorian PCs, Prussians, and then ...
  8. Christmas is canceled

    Wow, I've never been un-invited to Christmas dinner before. I guess I've got some free time on my hands today...
  9. Die, xenos scum!

    I hope you dirty xenos players will forgive my enthusiasm, but I played my first 40k game in months yesterday. My Salamanders took on my friend Tom's Orks, probably our last battle with the old Ork rules. The new book is out in a couple days for the advance orders.The game was an incredibly fun one, with Tom and I exchanging heavy blows throughout. Tom and I know each other's tactics very well, and often use similar styles of army composition and maneuvers. Needless to say, we do a good job wiping ...
  10. It's Been A While

    <p>Hello all!&nbsp; It's been a while since I updated my blog so I figured I'd let you all in on the inner workings of the horror show that is my mind.</p><p>Let's see, where to start?.,....I didn't finish my mini for the Ebay group this month.&nbsp; I ended up hating the thing and just couldn't find the motivation to get it done on time.&nbsp; I'm going to finish it, though, and sell the thing on Ebay just so I can say I finished it but so I don't ever have to look ...
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