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  1. Reformat C:/

    This could be a really boring night. I'm done backing everything up, just need to burn one last CD with some drivers and updates on it to speed things up later. Pretty soon I'll have XP Pro (with a legit license key this time) and hopefully things will be just peachy. The only thing I'm worried about is my iTunes library, I don't think it'll preserve the star ratings when I rebuild my library... which will suck. I'm gonna make a few playlists so hopefully I can update the ratings faster if I need ...
  2. Scion of Athena

    The leader of the band of warrior women:
    Boobs just for you, Jericho.
  3. I love being right, you can see it right there. 32 gig iPod Touch, surprisingly affordable. My predictions about solid state memory going down in price are holding up. I still say that we'll have a 128 gig MacBook Air by September (and $400 price drop on the current model... yeah I'm getting cocky and I love it!). If the prices drop this summer I'll officially be starting my told you so dance.
  4. Tomb raider (WIP)

    Avec l'aquisition de Lara un petit decors est en cours pour la scennetteBientot les photos de la chose en cours de réalisation : 
    General , Travaux en cours
  5. Somedays I just hate to wait.

    I have come to the conclusion that the people who call tech support have become even stupider in the last four years.  I'm sorry its hard to be sympathetic to an Idiot who Spent $5000 on a TV to IMPRESS HIS FRIENDS who cant understand that he too has to follow the established rules in order for us to send someone out to fix said TV.  Then of course there's the douchebag who wants service right now, or something that is outside what we will do, and knows if he talks to a supervisor he will ...
  6. Man it's been a long time.......

    <span style="font-size: 7.5pt; font-family: verdana">Let's see.&nbsp; What's happened in my life since I last blogged?<p>&nbsp;</p></span><span style="font-size: 7.5pt; font-family: verdana">The holidays generally blew chunks&rsquo;.&nbsp; I had NO Thanksgiving and Christmas (also my birthday) I worked until midnight EVEN THOUGH WE HAD A BOMB THREAT and the upper management decided not to evacuate the building.&nbsp; New Years ...
  7. The DaNerdi Code

    I've been working on re-formatting and redesigning my website slowly for a few months. With the release of WPM (see previous post) I imagine another little spike in traffic will hit my site as it did the last time my site was linked in that publication. I'd hoped to have it done before the new issue came out.... oops. Anyway, I subdued my distractions the lasat couple of nights and finished the remaing code and rolled it out. There are no doubt some typographic errors, as 1)I am a terrible editor ...
  8. Macbook Air, so hot

    For those of you who haven't seen it yet, I won't waste any time. Click here. For the rest of you: I think I know where my next $3000 is going. Holy crap this thing is the exact definition of what a laptop should be. For years I've been asking why bother make a laptop that isn't either a) completely portable (ie. under 4 lbs!) or b) a more or less portable powerhouse computer. I always said that anything else was a waste of money. I wept bitter tears when they discontinued my beautiful 12" ...
  9. Painfully boring evening

    Wow that sure wasn't any fun at all... just spent an entire evening fixing models while waiting for various Windows functions to load... the registry collapsed on our family computer.So for all the incredibly complicated ways for the Eagle to break, it picked a really boring one. The cracks in the flying stand completely gave out when I got the model home. So I had to snap off the peg, drill out the part stuck in the base, drill out the belly of the bird, touch up around the drilling, glue on a ...
  10. Verdigris

    Issue #3 of Wargames Painting and Modelling is finally out, and includes an article I wroute about painting verdigris.

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