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  1. Ork Prospektor up for votes

    Like the title says, I've now got the Nazgrub model up for voting. Thanks for the votes and comments so far, it's good to hear people like him! Click here if you want to vote.
  2. Games Day rocked my socks off

    Hey guys, I'll be home tonight so I can post some pics and stuff later. But for now, I'll just say how much fun I had in Toronto, and at Games Day. Met some cool people, got some cool swag, had an awesome visit with my old friend Jay Griffiths (head of retail Canada), and walked away with 4 trophies.The Ork got gold in 40k single, which I was amazed to learn. That was one tough category, with 13 extremely solid finalists. Some great models didn't see the podium. Arwen, my Warrior Priest ...
  3. WIP - Buhrdur (Terminado)

    Bueno, despues de la mania que le cogi a esta figura, por fin esta terminada.Se puede ver en el album de fotos.Un saludo 
  4. Nuevo curso de pintura en Barcelona 19 y 20 Julio

    Hola a todos.
    Después de un tiempo hemos conseguido organizado un nuevo curso de pintura en Barcelona.

    El lugar será en un estudio en la calle C/ General Palafox.

    La duración del curso será de 16 horas a lo largo de el fin de semana. El curso será el sabado y domingo 19 y 20 de julio con plazo máximo de inscripción el 13 de julio. El número máximo de plazas será de 8 personas y el precio del curso de 120 euros.

    El temario será el que ...
  5. GD Canada in less than 24 hours!

    It's pretty crazy, but Games Day is this Saturday. I feel pretty good about what I'm bringing down. Sadly the Dragon couldn't make the trip, it was taking damage from my last minute transportation attempts. As far as entries go, I'll be taking down Arwen, my Blood Ravens captain, Warrior Priest, and a couple of random regiments from my gaming collection will be entered in the Squad/Regiment categories. All those have been seen already. But this guy is new! When I get back home I'll post a ton ...
  6. The Official coverage of Baltimore 2008 Golden Demon is up 4&pIndex=0&aId=9000001&start=1Notice how much better the slaye sword minie look when, on the other hand... several minies are rather out of focus and completely bleached out. My only hope that between GW and the Stuff of Legends we will have one decent set.   
  7. Is it time for GD Canada already?!

    Wow, the last few days have been a blur. Tons of painting, and everything else hobby related trying to get ready for the Golden Demons. I've got a tiny bit of work I still want to do before I call my entries finished, but the main ones are all polished up and I'm happy about that. Packing the Dragon is still a concern! He/they might not make the trip if I can't find a way to get them on carry-on intact. Pics of the new models are forthcoming, I swear!At the event, I'll be wearing a bright green ...
  8. Baltimore 2008 Games Day-small update

    This entry turned out to be rather long so if you want to skip verbiage just go in side.The Official coverage is up on GW site. 4&pIndex=0&aId=9000001&start=1 First and foremost I would like to apologize for the poor quality of images. The lesson learned never use strange cameras J. I also had my daughter in tow and that really limited my mobility. People who attend these events ...
  9. Mounted Daemonettes on eBay

    Just a quick blurb about my auction. I'm selling 8 of the lovely Juan Diaz mounted daemonettes right now. GW foolishly discontinued them right after releasing 2 army books that require the models. New models will hopefully be out within a year... in the mean time you can buy mine since I won't be playing Slaanesh any time soon!You can find them here. These models are all virgin pewter, 5 still in blisters and the other 3 are loose bare metal. They have never been built, painted or played with. Most ...
  10. Work continues...

    Still slaving away at my Golden Demon entries. Got the 40k Single entry nearly finished, at which point I'll probably spiff up some Wood Elf units/characters for entry in other categories. I'll never get the new ones finished on time :-D The other categories are still up in the air though, I have way more single figs finished than I can enter, and I don't know which 40k Squad I will be able to get done on time. Hopefully I'll be able to enter something, 40k's so much fun for painting contests. Lots ...
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