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  1. Work continues...

    Still slaving away at my Golden Demon entries. Got the 40k Single entry nearly finished, at which point I'll probably spiff up some Wood Elf units/characters for entry in other categories. I'll never get the new ones finished on time :-D The other categories are still up in the air though, I have way more single figs finished than I can enter, and I don't know which 40k Squad I will be able to get done on time. Hopefully I'll be able to enter something, 40k's so much fun for painting contests. Lots ...

      Dear Guys!! Before a sirious update of my blog, there you have a preview. Love all those tale revision minis. I think it was one of our best ideas ever which tell everithing about us...hahaha   In addition I am planing a new painting course for 19-20 July in Barcelona.     ENJOY
  3. Arrow Storm!

  4. You know you've been painting a long time when...

    After a marathon painting session this evening, my tongue's turned a lovely shade of green/brown/black. I'm a proud brushlicker, and I did a lot of work tonight :-D My main entry for GD Toronto (which will be revealed in a few days when it's finished) is probably about half done at this point. The scenic base is done, the skin, nails/teeth, and some of the cloth is done too. Not bad at all for a single day's work. I'm hoping he'll be done by Thursday night. I usually don't make deadlines I post ...
  5. Arrows cost money

    I finally finished the bases on these... they've been waiting around for a while:

    English ( / Welsh conscript) bowmen, and their captain Sir William Samson. c1290s.

  6. Zomg I think I'm in trouble!

    It just dawned on me that I am leaving for Games Day in 9 days. I still haven't started my 40k Single entry (my "main" entry), and I haven't quite sorted which of my many many many almost finished painted minis to enter in the other categories. I have a ton of painting to do, I should really put away the gaming figs for a while!Lol I'm really good at keeping track of time aren't I? :-D
  7. Its worse than crack...

    Right, so its been awhile since I blogged here.  My LGS has gotten into the only historical game ever to rear its head there: Flames of War.  For those that don't know this is a WWII game with armies from the US, Britain, Germany, Italy, Soviet Union and others.  The minis are surprisingly well-sculpted and the game is fairly easy to play (if you can play 40k you can play this easy).  In point of fact, after reviewing 5th edition 40k, I am going to go out on a limb here and say ...
  8. Now Switching to Lurker Mode

    The summer months in Minnesota are a precious thing. No, it's not quite like northern Alaska with 6 months of night or anything, it's just that when the weather gets above freezing, we tend to get outside and enjoy it. This winter has been a long one, which has been good on the modeling/painting side, but hard on the psyche. The calendar say June but it feels like we've barely made it into April.

    Soooo, with the warmer weather finally getting here the hobby stuff gets pushed aside in ...
  9. I hate drill bits, but I love Sisters of Battle

    Yep, I've broken 5 bloody drill bits in about 10 days I reckon. I've pretty much reduced myself to a handful of drill bits the width of a human hair, and another handful that are way too big to be useful. Lovely huh? Oh, and I've got several throbbing puncture wounds in my left hand as well. The last one dug in about 8mm I would imagine. I do have a pic to show off though, my alt color scheme Canoness. The HQ will have the all-metal look to them, and if I get super lazy then all the rank and ...
  10. Hmm. New GW washes - more examples

    Since my camera is somewhere in China I have nothing better to do but posting links.Verm1s on the Warseer forums posted the most comprehensive test results for new GW washes I've seen so far. His original posting is here actual image - pretty, but kinda meaningles without his descriptionis here
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