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  1. Techmarine 07

    Well after a few more nights of painting this dude, i have reached a point where im happy with him alot. The grey NMM on the backpack i tried not to put too much emphasis on it so that the focal point isn't taken away from the main part of the model too much. I think its worked well. The whole effect of the model is nice and i've tried to improve my contrast in colours and i think i've learnt alot painting this mini. Constructive comments and criticisms are always welcome.   
  2. Something new

    Three minis for Rotten Harvest 2008.
  3. Dwarf blacksmith

    This is 54mm scale dwarf sculpted by my good friend Sprigyn. Soon it'll be casted in resin an his other works too. Hope you like it)
  4. We're Back!

    We glued and primed and painted until we were blue in the face, and thanks to all our loyal clients, we we’re able to take a second honeymoon! We winged out of Utah, all the way to our old stomping grounds, central Florida - to see family and relax for three weeks. Without friends and customers like DQ, PG, CH, DD, SG, JC, GS, and the ever-present PS, none of this would have been possible. So - first and foremost – thanks to all of you for supporting us and our love of painting miniatures. ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. Dorian Smith

    Hi!Didn't write here for a long time. So, this is Dorian Smith. Making him from time to time. Legs and torso from unknown museteer, other stuff sculpted. I'll make him a new sunglasses, not satisfied with that.
  6. Techmarine 06

    Ok for a big tutorial kinda. I apologise for the images initially, since photography has never been my strong suit. It does show my errors in painting but it can all be cleaned up. But you can see my blending isnt as smooth as i like.

    So i started on a brass/gold colour for the handle of the model. A base coat of scorched brown, don't worry about being too neat as you can always tidy up at different stages.

    This was then followed by several layers of bestial brown. Snake ...
  7. Techmarine 05

    I finished the bulk of the red on the character and im relatively happy with how he looks at the moment, im particularly pleased how the red and grey compliment each other so well. The hard task after cleaning this up a bit is doing the backpack and servo arms. I want to create a slightly different colour tone to the model with it, which doesn't take away the focus of him, so i might try and keep it a dark dark grey/blue nmm on it, but we will see when i next tackle the model tomorrow. 
  8. Techmarine 04

    Ok some more progress, i finished off the arm and the small reader device in his hand. Im really happy with the small freehand detail i put on the display screen, the green really picks out the detail from the red armour.  The blue tubing and conduits also really help give colour to the model. Next step is working on the head and side armour to the head bits. I have started on it but still working on where i want the highlights.   
  9. Techmarine 03

    Ok so after a long holiday in Hong Kong i'm back and working on the rest of this techmarine. I finished off the torso and the trailing wires and conduits, and started one of the arms. Overall im happy with the model and trying to get back into the swing of things after 3 weeks of not doing any is actually quite hard, especially when jet lagged. Anyway progress is slow but its getting there.  
  10. My "other" workbench, well, almost

     Somebody took a picture of my workbench (well almost my). It look chaotic and picturesque enough and has enough of "mad scientist" feel  to be here. Two mice are recent addition after we figured that we fully qualified as a "mouse lab".

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