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  1. Khador 01

    Well been busy glueing and cleaning up my khador boxed set. Omg they are the worse mold of any models i've ever had, spent a good 20 hours in total putting together the khador boxed set and preparing the bases and green stuffing everything together. Im glad i've finally gotten them done here's a quick sneak peek at them, but they're only primed.

    Note behind them i also have a devastator but i figured i'd paint that without the arms on so i can get into the deeper areas, but ...
  2. Cryx Part 11

    For the Cryx i finally finished off Denny but im not happy with the blades on the back of her so i will go back to her another time to make her look a bit smoother. I decided to give her a golden spear too because she was really grey and i wanted to break up the colour.
    I have started doing the bases on the warjacks for the Cryx. Trying to keep the industrial feel for the bases but then i thought i really want to paint a heavy warjack so i started working on the gold nmm on the slayer and im ...
  3. ROLEAGE game New Miniatures

    This last week of july arrives with a lot of news and surprises. As we have been advising for the last couple of weeks, TALE of WAR will start to promote and release miniatures for the new Spanish role game ROLEAGE This game has a lot of new and fresh ideas, histories and background to play with. Our first bunch of 4 releases of this surprising and enjoyable game are suitable for the world of Geos, where this role game is being developed. As well, all those products have their ...
  4. Grumlok and Gazbag - Age of Reckoning WIP (update)

    It is going somewhere. I am not completely satisfied with a number of elements here so I think I will set it aside to ripe for a bit.

    And here is finally completed model


  5. Rag Tag Fugitive Guncrew

  6. That Awkward Phase

    You know when you decide to grow a beard (for us guys) or let your hair grow long (guys and gals) and you're in that middle stage where it's not long enough or still too short to do anything with and it looks wrong/funny/unfinished/not good/can't see the end product? Yep, that's where I'm at.

    I've been on vacation for the past week and the previous two weeks were uninspiring as far as the battlewagons paint job so I grew frustrated and assembled a bunch of bikes, a truck and a dozen ...
  7. The Man from M.A.D.P.O.N.I.E.S.

    I had a great time with this smooth operator from Mountain Miniatures.

    He's also for sale on ebay presently.

  8. old and rusty, but still shootin'

  9. Cryx Part 10

    Well i had more time to work on my Denny, so i tidied up the purple on her skirt and the skin tones. Then i continued with the NMM grey on her armour and added gold nmm trim to parts of her armour. Im quite happy with the model at the moment, need to add highlights to the blades on her backpack thingy and paint her weapon too. Shouldn't take me too much longer.  
    Total Time (29 hours)
  10. Cryx Part 09

    Ok since im still thinking about this OSL on my defiler, i decided to move onto another model. Deneghra seemed like a nice one to move onto so i wanted to keep her having a dark feel, so i used toned down NMM on the armour plates and i will try and keep that effect throughout the model's armour. The skirt i wanted to it to be a dark colour but also a contrast to the rest of the model. I think it works really well, maybe the blending could be a bit smoother but nothing a nice wash could help. Total ...

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