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  1. Grumlock and Gazbag, GW pictures from Games day Chicago 2011

    My attempts to make good pictures of this mini never really worked, you can the result in my gallery. So, here is pictures taken by GW, which a much better than mine. Now, I spent some time during the last GD in Chicago actually looking how they do it and I think that maybe I position my light sources incorrectly. Nevertheless here is GW version.

  2. Scott Brandt strikes again - Da Suppa Mega Bomma

    Another year have passed and Scott completed another immence secret project - Da Suppa Mega Bomma. Here is the full view sans the forwardward gun and a close up on a cockpit. People visitin Games Day will be able to see this monster in all its glory at the 40K conversion competition. Unfortunately, it cannot fly

  3. Work completed - Karchev The Terrible

    I was stuck in my proffesional activities for last two weeks so I don't have enough time for blogging. Now I have litlle while for reveal something from my desk.
    Finally I managed to complete one of my Khador warcasters - Karchev. I don't have enough patience for such miniatures, with a lot of pipes, decorations, rivets and other stuff. So after initial enthusiasm with painting I end up with one thougt - "finish him".
    I'm still experimenting with lights for the pictures. I have quite ...
  4. And the pile grows again..

    The mailman brought my Cassar marine, and my friend gave me:
    1x Games Workshop Celeborn
    1x Games Workshop Aragorn
    1x Games Workshop Gamesday 2010 Chaos Sorceror
    Celeborn and hopefully the Sorceror will be done in time for GD this year.
  5. Something wicked this way comes

    First dry fit. Lots of things need to be  adjusted still.
  6. Add another one to the done pile

    Kisa and her Siamese familiar Scratch.
  7. Introductions and Stuff

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this little note.  As you've probably gathered by now, my name is Trey.  I'm a huge fan of the CMON site and come here often for inspiration and tutorials.  There are so many amazing artists here, it's extremely humbling when I look at my own work. 
    Currently I have the Island of Blood Warhammer starter set and I'm working on painting up the High Elves to use as my army.  So far however, I only have two miniatures painted.  ...
    Painting and Modelling ,

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