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  1. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 10

    Quickie update, progress on the painting front is good, i managed to do more of the torso and clean up (sort of) the tools and do the skin on this model.

    I am finding some of the features on this one a little rough around some of the edges, which i should have cleaned up earlier. But it's not massively noticeable, actually i did find some of the details a bit confusing as to what was what and where went where on this guy. Maybe i was just tired, still i think i have most ...
  2. Week 17: A failure

    I have to report my first week of failure this year in week 17 of my task. This week I was trying to paint up 15 grave guard, but I have failed to finish a single figure. I experienced problems getting the sword colours looking  as I would like.

    In fact the only components I have managed to finish painting are the shields. I choose to use dark elf shields because I thought that these would give the unit the look I was after.

    Sorry about the lack of anything ...
  3. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 09

    Well i managed to finish Ahab, im pretty happy with him. The little squig is so cute

    And now for the group shot again for progress:

    2 down 8 to go.

    Started working on Doktor Grog this morning. A really nice model and he has a pegleg so works well with my crew. will post more pics when i make a bit more significant progress.
  4. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 08

    Yarrr, all ye landlubbers ! i managed to get a bit more done, so a quick update for Ahab, he's looking much meaner now that im working on his hand weapon. The ork nobz boxed set has some really good pieces which are well defined and so easy to paint.
  5. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 07

    Didn't get alot done last night, managed to do most of the harpoon arm (except the harpoon) and his shoulder pads so now his body is finished. Might work on the axe and the hat tonight after finishing the harpoon. Im happy how he is progressing along, these are really nice models to paint.
  6. Week 16: Bat swarms

    This weekend has been our clubs annual show (Legionary 2010) so it has been a bit tricky to fit painting around all the work that a show requires. The show was at a new venue and I think it was a qualified success. Although it was at a smaller venue than normal, it was in the centre of the city and therefore more amenable for those without cars. Parking was difficult, which affected the traders most significantly. Our club is currently reviewing whether hosting a show is worth all the effort. ...
  7. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 06

    Well i managed to finish his main torso and belt etc, then i started work on his arm. Im not 100% happy with the gold nmm on the arm but im still working on it to clean it up and it to how i want it to look. I think i have a bit too much midtone and highlights on it, i need to bring the colour back down with a few dark glazes. Still it's getting there.

  8. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 05

    Now, onto the second ork. This guy will be called Ahab, im going to stick with a similar colour scheme throughout the whole gang with blue stripey trousers. Will see about the rest of the colours but blue will be their primary colour. Anyway onto the more interesting part:

  9. ReaperCon: Hard at it

    I'm still plugging along on my entries for ReaperCon.  As of today I have one that will be totally ready.  I would have had another one finished but I dropped him as I was spraying the finish and his arm came loose so I had to fill the seam with milliput and need to repaint.  I have another one that's near completion.  Tried my first attempt at lining with him, what I learned is that it is better to line before you perfect the paining (my bad).  Needless to ...
  10. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 04

    For some reason i missed the chain on his back, and so i painted it up last night. Here are some pics of the model with painted chain lol , i tried to brighten up the squig a little but my blood red is unusable so i ended up using the base colour red with bleach bone highlights and then glazing over with red again to bring it back in.


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