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  1. Foolishness

    <p>How many of you are insecure abut the way you look?&nbsp; Despite the picture I posted in the PYP thread this week I'm very insecure about my appearance.&nbsp; That picture was takedmore than 25 years ago and all the promise of too much weight has been fulfilled over the years.&nbsp; That's why I've never posted a picture of what I look like now.&nbsp; I swear the picture in your heads is better than the truth.</p><p>How many of you feel the same way?&nbsp; ...
  2. Dungeons and Ducks

    I've been trying to use a few ideas for a one shot scenario for a local con; my duck minis, my newly purchased townhouses and my Matsui rubber duck.  Nicknamed Dungeons & Ducks the scenario will focus on human and halfling sized duck people defending their town from the Duck Dragon of the Yankees!
  3. Be it ever so humble

    There is no place like a pre-painted home whose roof can come off for gaming.  Or something like that.  While I was at Gen Con this year, I passed by this booth of pre painted buildings for all sorts of genres.  Their roofs can come off.  Their second floors can come off.  They are sturdy and deigned for gaming.  I thought about buying one, but bought the whole set, plus an outhouse and a boat.  It’s not that I’m doing a lot of gaming lately, although ...
  4. updated bug

    Updated pictures of the zoanthrop. After my wife brought the camera  back from China most of the setingsa were messed up (or shall we say adjusted to suite the purpose of my wife rather then mine ))Anyway after coaxing this camera for couple of hours I think I restored everything to pre-China level. So here is the picture of my updated zoanthrop. Posibbly I am deluding myself but it seems to be better then what I took before
  5. Every cloud has a silver lining

    <p>So the tale of woe continues.&nbsp; The power will be out off and on for days while they replace the poles and lines.&nbsp; There's is, however a bright side to all this!&nbsp; Remember that $650.00 bill I got last week?&nbsp; I may not have to pay it!&nbsp; </p><p>It seems if the power company shuts off power or doesn't get it restored in a prompt manner and you have food spoilage from it, you can file a claim with the power company to get restitution.&nbsp; ...
  6. The Saga continues

    <p>So there I was, having written an email to a friend, ready to go back to Cmon and see how everyone's life is when, what happens?&nbsp; You guessed it!&nbsp; The power goes out yet again!&nbsp; At.....wait for it!......11:00 in the morning!</p><p>I found out whats going on.&nbsp; The tornado took out some power lines and they are trying to get them replaced before the kiddies go to school tomorrow.&nbsp; But I ask you, does it make sense to shut down the power ...
  7. Mother Nature Hates California

    <p>So you all probably saw my post about Mother Nature's ironic sense of humor and the tornado we had here.&nbsp; Well, she keeps it coming once she gets started.&nbsp; There was an earthquake (4.9.&nbsp; Nothing serious) near San Diego yesterday.&nbsp; </p><p>I didn't have power on Saturday from about 4:00 pm to 2:00 am on Sunday.&nbsp; Then the power went out again at 11:00 am on Sunday and just came on at 1:00 am Monday.&nbsp; The 14 lb roast I cooked ...
  8. Black ork warboss from AOW-

    For the last week I was painting this guy. Comments are, as usually, very much appreciated. My personal issue here is the metallic on his armor and the color of dead heads on his back. In hindsight I should've painted him all red the same way I painted gauntlets but it is somewhat too late now. As for the heads… not sure, probably one or two purple wash with rehighlighting with something white…  and finally, completed. Not sure why it took me so long to put it up   ...
  9. These ducks are almost ready to ROCK!

    So, I have most of the basic coats on the minis; working on 10 at a time allows me to miss at least one thing every time.  These two photos show the state of two of the ten ducks, but the ducks in general are around the same state of painting.
  10. More base coats of paint

    Progress.  I've added a few more base colors for the clothes and the weapons.  Selected three of the ten for the BLING photo shot.

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