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  1. Paso a paso hortack andrea 5

    Seguimos actualizando con la espalda de la mini. Seguimos el mismo proceso que el del torso, y despues aplicamos los tonos, igual que en el torsoespues de esto, solo nos queda acusar los contrastes en aquellas zonas en las que lo necesite:Espero que os gusten los avances, y si teneis alguna duda sollo teneis que decirlo.Un saludo!
  2. Paso a paso hortack andrea 4

    Muy buenas de nuevo!Despues de algun tiempo sin poder actualizar por falta de esto, tiempo, aqui sigo con el proceso de hortack:En este momento empezamos a meterle los tonos a la piel. Este proceso ya lo habiamos empezado antes, pero ahora lo intensificamos mas, con tonos medios y mas oscuros para las sombras:En la paleta se pueden ver los tonos empleados: rojos y anaranjados para los tonos medios, y púrpuras y marrones para los más oscuros.Un saludo! Dentro de poco pondre mas avances.
  3. Imperial Guard KRIEG

    I have painted this miniature trying to follow a cold scheme with all blue colours including leather and fur.Painted with acrylics, oils and airgraph.It is forsale at the price of 120 euros plus shipping costs. If you are interested just drop me some lines at
  4. for Kaiser and Country

    Back from vacation, and back to work. Skin on the Germans is done:

  5. Another Alter Kindred update

    Used my wet pallete for the first time on the runes. I mix up a lot of the blue/teal color all the time, and now I have a reasonably large amount of all the intermediate hilights and stuff. Should last a while, since it's usually an accent color and not used for large areas. And this way I don't have to make a bunch of mixing pots :-DSeeing the pics, I should paint the eyes of the hawk helm glowing blue/white, to match the runes. The forearms will likely match the boot leather, and the straps on ...
  6. Shokk Attack Big Mek WIP 2

    Here's the progress on my Shokk Attack Gun Big Mek. Having to paint, assemble, paint more, assemble more.... is making this a long and tricky model to finish. There's some in progress showing the gun prior to glueing to the main body. I wanted to reduce (or eliminate) the amount of greens stuff filler I needed due to time constraints. After test fitting multiple times, I concluded that glueing the arm at a slightly elevated angle allowed most of the other joins to be made on target without patching ...
  7. Just Starting

    I've just recently gotten into Warhammer 40K due to my roommates, and I've been painting and such for about a month. It all started when I gave them a ride to the local Games Workshop: while waiting around for them to buy things, I saw a box of Battle Sisters and fell in love =) I started a Witch Hunter army and found that the Inquisitor Lord retinue gave me a chance for lots of customizations. And, so that's what I've been doing; using greenstuff, files, sandpaper, and exacto knives to build a ...
    Warhammer 40K
  8. Let's talk about painting, or: The Crab Clan Project

    OK, so it seems I got myself a commission...A dear friend of mine, who is an avid player of Legend of the 5 Rings (the RPG, not the tabletop tactical game) wants me to paint her PC, a Crab Clan female samurai called Mayumi. So, here it starts! I've picked this miniature for the project - a 54 mm model by Pegaso Models, an Italian manufacturer of historical minis (and the occasional scantily clad female). At this stage the mini is cleaned, filled (there was a nasty gap on her back, at the joint of ...
  9. Wood Elf campaign update

    Been a while since I mentioned the campaign specifically. I am happy to say that the Woodies have improved to 7-2. Additionally I claim a moral draw for one game against Dwarfs, since it would've been a draw instead of minor loss if we were using the correct bolt thrower rules (ie. not sniping my battle standard bearer). At any rate, I'm now one game away from potentially reclaiming first place in the campaign. I briefly held it, ie. for half a day on week two before I lost both games that week. ...
  10. Monochromatic scheme study – a witch hunter

         Taking a break from my orks and inspired by a recent discussion on the forum I wanted to try something in a limited color palette. This mini was painted with exactly three pigments – chaos black, skull white and midnight blue. Originally it was completely black and white but then some joker said that it would be tournament illegal so I added blue (apparently adding the third color makes it legal). The base is probably temporary – I am waiting couple ...

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