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  1. Techmarine 02

    With the highlights on nmm, i always visualise an imaginery light source or two from certain points on a model, in this case i looked at it using the corner of the base. Now all highlights will come from that one area, and the light in general travels in straight lines. The edges of armour in general pick up the lightest areas. When i first started doing nmm i spent hours and hours looking at other models and also "googling" pictures with shining metallic surfaces such as looking at bikes ...
  2. Techmarine 01

    Ok so keeping in line with my marine phase and trying out different techniques, i was asked to write a tutorial for how i painted my blue armour. I thought i'd try it with red on the techmarines armour. Firstly was a watered base colour of scab red trying to leave the darker areas with as much black base colour as i could.  Then following the thin layers of scab red i added slightly more thin layers of scab red to the edges and the highlighted areas. Following this i added some blood red ...
  3. Honour Guard 06

    Ok so i finally managed to finish him to a standard im happy with. i think there are areas where i could go back and touch up but for now i'll show you all the finished result. Comments criticisms and any advice is welcome as always   
  4. Honour Guard 05

    Well i finally pulled up the courage to do the freehand work. The symbol on the cloak im really happy with, it looks nice and doesn't over do it on the model, i redid a little of the lettering on the banner to make them a bit more legible. So taking a break to let the glue and green stuff dry on the backpack. Will finish it all off tomorrow, i will eventually make a much more scenic base for him when i finish the rest of the honour guard. Anyway any helpful comments and criticisms welcome.Here is ...
  5. Honour Guard 04

     So after a busy weekend in Manchester to complete my write ups, i managed to get some painting done finally today. I spent quite alot of time working on the gold nmm and the blade of the sword. I have to still work on the freehand on his cloak and do a backpack for him, and the small detail between the blade and the hilt of the sword. But generally progress is going fairly well and im really taking my time to paint my minis now. I might touch up on a few things again once its all done when ...
  6. Honour Guard 03

    So i managed to get the bulk of the banner painted and its looking quite smooth although some of the top scrolls need touching up but i've only just started on them and im a bit too tired to carry on, hopefully it won't take me too much longer to finish the whole model. I love the small detail on the banner itself, it makes the painting somewhat easier in a way. I will be doing some sort of free hand work on his cloak and probably get some matt varnish to add to the glaze of red i want to apply ...
  7. Honour Guard 02

    Ok another quick update, but looking at the model now i need to clean up the head area a little and maybe reduce the amount of highlighting there but im pretty happy with the overall look at the moment. Anyway comments and criticisms welcome.  
  8. Honour Guard 01

    Ok so as a kind of commission piece for my friend i started painting his honour guard for his ultrasmurfs. I love the detail on these models and they make painting loads easier than a simple marine. I spent the best part of today getting it to a stage im really happy with, unfortunately when i applied the white i put a bit too much on the cloak and im going to have to strip the white part under the arm, but i'll take my time as to not damage the paint job so far, anyway it looks cool . Comments ...
  9. The Chaos Divide 05

    I finally managed to finish my second beserker with smoother and better nmm imo. Im really happy with how this guy turned out. I think i might need slightly more contrast to white and i could improve on my blending some more, but that'll all come with practice. Comments and criticism are very welcome.

  10. The Chaos Divide 04

    Alright i started work on a second beserker. Taking into account what others have said. I have gotten a nice smooth red colour again and im still working on a nice looking nmm. Im happy with how things are looking atm, but im thinking i might add some battle damage with this model. Keeping it khornate as much as i can Comments and criticisms are welcome of course.

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