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  1. Gimme Shelter

    This waddle and timber house (Armorcast) is about 75% now. Roof, windows, door, and misc details left to finish up.

  2. Cruisin' for a bruisin'

    This former Bloodbowl bruiser is getting a new job as a designated smasher with the halflings. Yes, thats a collander on his head, which ensured him a place in this warband.

  3. war pigs of the power. . .

    These fighting swine will be some of the strongest troops in the halfling warband:

    Also a young human adopted by the warband, who could have arguably similar stats to a halfling:
  4. when you have to shoot, shoot!

    A lively little archer from Harlequin miniatures. Needs some dirt on that chainmail me thinks!

  5. The Chaos Divide 18 - Finished Tsons

    Well finally i've managed to finish working on my last model for my tsons army. 1500 pts all painted up (will take pics soon of whole army). The dread was a fun piece to do and my first FW model. I wanted to test myself with both my blending and my NMM and i came up with this little thing, took me close to three weeks worth of painting (after work of course). Im happy and proud of both this model and the whole army. Comments and crits are always welcome.  
  6. Why LOTR?

    Hi! I painted my first mini more than 20 years ago. But at that time my technique was quite poor. Futhermore I used oil paints instead of akril and was disappointed by the result. So, frankly speaking I've being painting seriously for about two years, when I felt that should share my achievements with someone else besides my friends and family. And here am I writing my first post. 

    Well, I'm focused on LOTR minis by GW. There are at least three reasons for that: 

    1) ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  7. Slings and Arrows

    Color came out wierd on this one for some reason, oh well. Here's a quick look at a couple halflings from Grenadier who are joining my gang to add some missle support.
  8. Games Day Baltimore 2009 Demon Lounge

  9. Some Updated CMON Entries

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd let you know that I posted some updated shots of some models from last year. I got to re-shoot a few photos to submit them for the CMON Annual 2008, and figured this was a good opportunity to get some updated shots uploaded.The Warrior Priest and Master of the Fleet had some extra work done to them last year before I entered them in GD Canada. I never got around to posting pics of the updated models until now. I also included some bigger and better shots of Nazgrub, ...
  10. Sharing

    My 13 year old tried her hand at painting, but decided it was too hard. I have to admit she doesn't have as much time as the rest of the family. Her hockey takes up alot of time. She did surprise me by deciding to try her hand at pottery, but she hasn't shown me any of her work yet though. I'm pleased enough with her making regional selects in hockey and managing to keep her grades up above a 3.5. The 7 year old on the other hand is definatly sharing the love of painting. I have put her ...
    Painting and Modelling ,

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