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  1. Chaos Hell Canon

    Ok, so this weekend something amazing happened. I was visiting a local con with some of my friends. And out of nowhere my friend M decided to buy me a Chaos Hell Canon as a gift. A very generous, thoughtful and amazing gift that i'm very happy about, and i really don't know how to show my appreciation. So if you read this, thanks a million times! Anyways, now i have to paint and assemble it and wreck havoc among my enemies. The big question is how to paint it, what colors to use? And how to ...
  2. all things great and small

    I took last weekend off to go to the mountains and had a host of things going on this past week, but I finally got a little brush time this weekend. We also got a bunch of Mordheim terrain assembled so we'll be ready to rumble fairly soon!

  3. Less WoW, more painting!

    So I've finally decided to free myself - at least in part! - from the timesink that is World of Warcraft. Oh, I'm still on there at night, but only after I've spent a good part of the night writing or drawing or painting. Move my actual passions and crafts forward, move WoW back. And it's working well so far. I try to take an hour's walk in the evenings for exercise, during which time I brainstorm for a story that is slowly building in my head, and then I go home and either continue reading ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  4. Nurglings in a slightly despoiled forest

    Quick WIP shot. Base with Nurglings. I had lot's of fun painting them. THe picture was taken with a single light source so the shadows came out harsher then in reality 
  5. Mournful Knight

    It has been a while since i've worked with metallics and i need to definately work more with my contrast with it in general. After using NMM for so long my metallics look a little flat and maybe i need to introduce more use of inks and washes to the metallic surfaces. One other hindrance i've had is that since you know im lazy at taking photos and in general mine aren't the greatest but taking pics of metallics is even more difficult i have found.

    I wanted to keep the model quite ...
  6. Never give up and always learn!

    Well, I'm learning alot. We'll see how my new information turns out. My 7 year old daughter decided not to have me put her things on until she does an actual mini, so she's starting on one tomorrow. I may just put her progress on here. I have to say there were a few minis put on here by a parent of a talented 5 and 7 year old that inspired her to bring her game up. She actually sat through an entire hour long tutorial on painting! I'm also relisting my Tomb King. I like him, and I'd ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  7. Textured rust

    As in subj. Small tutorial on textured rust.  Comments on this one is really appreciated   I am using an axe hand of the Exalted hero games day 2009 model to demonstrate my way of texturing and painting rust. My conversion of this model is on the right. I am painting this model as a Nurgle hero therefore it is not meant to look pretty As usually I am priming everything white using GW White primer. I am not sure whether this step is really necessary since the ...
  8. One small step. . .

    The fellow on the left will be the leader of this warband. A small conversion to give him the mini-crossbow. The one on the right is the last of the warriors I'll be doing. Also converted- from a scythe to the krautmasher, which I find an amusing weapon choice. That only leaves the thief, and the scouts to do, and then a couple non-halfling gang members.

  9. Oh to be young again. . .

    These guys will probably be my 0-2 youths in the Halfling warband. This is my first archer todate, which would be concerning considering archery is the only thing halflings have going for them, but I have located some more which are now en route from Italy.

    Incedentally, I'm thinking about moving this blog to blogspot which is much less lame then the CMON publishing tools. . . How many of you only read it because of its visibility as linked on the CMON sidebar?

  10. First Game Chaos Vs Empire

    A coupleof days ago i played my first game with my new Warriors of Chaos (WC) army. I fielded a 1500 pts army against a friends Empire army and here how it went.I fielded two regiments of chaos warriors, one regiment of maruders as cannon fodder, two regiments of chaos knights and one regiment of maruder horsemen. Everything was lead by an exalted hero riding a juggernaut.I had no problems fending off my opponents magic - coming from a lowly 1st level wizard hurling fireballs at me. The maruder ...

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