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  1. Cork and bases

    Ripped this off CMON. Very handy to make some powerbases for you're heroes or nice regiments.
     Hello from Germany This is my first Article on CMON. I present the making of Bases like Rackham ! I hope you like it and you can use this article to build up your Bases. First of all you need following things : 1. Cork-Plate ( availible in all Craft-Stores ) 2. 1 Base 3. Wood-Glue or other Glue ( no Second-Glue !!!!!!!!! ) 4. Fine Sand ( GW or other Terrain-Sand ) 5. An old Brush You ...
  2. Grumlok & Gazbag

    So, in September 2008 I received my Collector's Edition of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. I allready knew that I would receive the miniature of Grumlok & Gazbag with it and I allready knew that I would do everything in my power to paint it in a passable way. Passable meaning not too shabby for a powerpainter and for myself absolutely great. In January I painted the miniature as my very first miniature. It was absolutely terrible. I didn't thin the paint and used a chaos black as primer. ...
  3. Juggernaut Work In Progress

    Ok, today i began working on my Khorne Juggernaut. It's been primed for quite some time now, but i haven't dared starting the actual work on it. Don't know why really. maybe because it's a huge and challenging mini. Yes, i admit, i'm a chicken.Anyway, today i began.  The mecjhanical muscle details on the legs are a watered down bronze tone from valejo. I'm thinking i'll highlight it with bright bronze and finaly wash give it a GW Devlan Mud wash. Same goes for the teeth and collar.As far ...
  4. No mini today

    I'm still working on my slaanesh hero, trying to make him look kick ass. can't say i have much success. To my great disapointment the Swedish crown princess is now officially engaged with her boyfriend. That would have been ok if he'd been some sort of royalty, or at least had some noble title. But no. He's just a friggin common, off the street gym freak that looks like a bull frog or some kind of toad.What was she thinking? And more importantly, what was her daddy and the Swedish government thinking ...
  5. Blood Bowl Dwarfs

    Finally got these guys finished! Was a bit more frustrating to paint than I originally thought it would be. The older sculpts didn't help, not to mention that the beards were a pain in the butt!  I originally had planned to do a bit of freehand on them. They are losley based off of an American Football team, Greenbay Packers. I was going to add their "G" symbol to the shoulder pads. But once the time came I was too fed up with them so decided against it. Hope you guys like them!  Feel ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  6. Photos & thoughts of older projects

    For Christmas, I gave my mother two minatures: Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax from Micro Art Studios; they had JUST come out with a line of Discworld minis, and those are her two favorite characters.  Perfect Christmas Gift. Unfortunately, the amount of time I had to assemble, sculpt, and paint was short.  I did what I could in the time that I could, and I feel they came out all right.  Mom loved them, and that’s what important.   (At least that’s what I’m ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  7. Slaanesh Hero & Grots With a Kanon.

    While I'm trying to finish my Chaos hero, the dark Gods doesen't work in my favour...
      Can't seem to get the face in order, and don't know what to do with the sword. Any suggestions are welcome.  Until i'm done you can admire one of my girlfriends Grot Kanons. I think it's amazingly kewl.
  8. WIP Wulfric Sneak Peek

  9. WIP Wulfric V.2

    So I had a chance to clean him up a bit and paint most of the back details and definitely over did the NMM on the sword (it was my first time i could not resist, haha) so I need to scratch that. 
    Painting and Modelling ,
  10. Another one done! (Still in the back in the saddle stage)

    I finished the chaos demon. What fun! I hope that my skill has increased enough that this gets a slightly better reception. I worked hard at getting the blending and the shading right, and went to you tube to take some lessons. I love the internet! I think I am going to work on making more lifelike faces next, especially since my next ones have lifelike faces to work on. The portable studio really helped me out alot, and having the ground cover definately makes it look alot more polished. ...
    Painting and Modelling ,

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