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  1. General about me.

    Hi all, welcome to my first blog ever.  Also my first attepmt at modeling and painting.  Ive been into roleplaying for about 20 years but the wargaming thing kinda passed me by as being far too expencive and time consuming.However, I have now found myself in a postition with money and time to spend in doing something to give me focus.Just before christmas 2008 I heard that ADB, the makers of Star Fleet Battles, had a streamlined version of that game out called Federation Commander so i ...
  2. For those here at Cool Mini or Not

    Let me start off by saying that there are alot of great painters here, but there are those like myself that paint for fun more than the international fame that winning the golden daemon would bring.  Now with that said, I think that some people don't realize that some people come here just to show off their work, not so much for it to be rated or to be scrutinized. I happen to be one of the best painters in the Garden Grove CA area, not the best but I'm fairly up there. For some reason most ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  3. Celia

  4. Stag Party

    I'm doing this conversion for a friend's wood elf lord. The figure he wants mounted on it is a bit big on the backend- sculpted to fit a taller/wider mount, so his flowing robes etc would leave a couple glaring millimeters space twixt his cape and his mount. So, this stag gets filled out with taller fur, and a section of saddle to make up the difference.

    The elf lord will be GW. The stag is from Chronopia.
  5. Гет стартед

  6. seeing if i can finally work this thing.........

  7. The Chaos Divide 13

    I have currently finished 3 more tsons marines from my 2nd squad but i have also just done the leader of the squad too. I wanted something different for this squad so it wasn't identical to the other one, i darkened the armour colour of the blue and i used a different sorcerer model. The marines i used were my old recycled nightlords with the proper heads. Im really happy with this new sorcerer but comments and criticisms are very welcome.  
  8. De los mios

  9. Outbreak

  10. Tzeentch choo-choo-chooses you!

    A quick shot of the WIP Chosen unit, I think the color scheme will definitely pan out nicely. I'll start working on the rest of the unit plus the Knights, and hopefully I'll have the big fat batch of models all finished in assembly-line fashion within a week. Gotta start ramping up the speed extremely quickly here or I won't finish on time.These last 2 pics aren't 100% up to date, but they show the color scheme pretty well. The leather boots will be the dark brown/purple color, and the metal on ...

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