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  1. The Current Nightmare

    This is as much for my own referance as it is for yall to know where I started from.  The current chaos of my Dark Elf Collection 1 Converted Master on Bretonnian Pegasus (with a whip)
    1 Sorceress (the beautiful new metal one)1 Assassin (the bald new metal one)1 metal Master (new one, modded with a whip)
    8 Shades (metal)5 Cold One Knights (painted in the now defunct Protectorate of Menoth scheme) (now sidelined)15 Dark Elf Corsairs with Handbows with full command (nice new plastic ...
  2. And so it begins

    So here's the story.  I have been out of all games workshop games for 4 years.  Out of Warhammer fantasy for 6.  I have NEVER had a completely assembled and painted fantasy army.That changed when the new Dark Elf Cold One's appeared.If you haven't seen them:Cold One KnightsSo I decided to dust out the new paints, buy a new codex and rulebook and build myself a Dark Elf army.  Little did I know this started me down a whole road of buying, building, and painting with no distinct ...
  3. One Deffcopta... maybe...

    Now to figure out how to move it here.....Not exactly how i hoped... but you can click the link under my files...    
    Painting and Modelling ,
  4. 2 down, 1 to go.

    The Barbarian chariot is done, can I get a witness? So the original archer is pinned to be swappable with Red Sonja here. I also made a base for which everone is not currently in the chariot, to hang out in.

  5. at the gates

    Hopefully I'll get this chariot photgraphed properly tomorrow, now that it's done. Also doing a few quick Frenchmen with ludicrous hats (below) for a friend since things have been Napoleonic around here last week.

  6. Buttons of improbable coloring.

    I've been informed these buttons should be more pewter. Oh well. He was fun to paint, but I can't imagine painting napoleonics all the time. I'd go mad.

    Oh, got back to the barbarian chariot too and the horses are done; the glue affixing them to the base is drying as I type.
  7. Bienvenue sur le blog de Gauthier

     Bienvenue dans mon blog,Je m'appelle Gauthier, j'ai 11 ans.C'est mon père qui m'a fait découvrir les figurines car avant il était figuriniste.Donc les figurines que vous verrez ne sont pas entièrement peintes par moi (je pose les couleurs de bases et il fait les effets).Vous pourez nous envoyer des messages pour nous dire ce que vous en pensez.Dernière nouvelle, j'héberge mes albums photos sur une galerie en flash : ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  8. spit and polish

  9. Techmarine 02

    With the highlights on nmm, i always visualise an imaginery light source or two from certain points on a model, in this case i looked at it using the corner of the base. Now all highlights will come from that one area, and the light in general travels in straight lines. The edges of armour in general pick up the lightest areas. When i first started doing nmm i spent hours and hours looking at other models and also "googling" pictures with shining metallic surfaces such as looking at bikes ...
  10. By Our Deeds We Are Known

    Working on this officer from the 28th Regiment of Foot (Gloucester), for a charity auction. One of a fairly small number that were cast. Sculpted (very well) by Paul Hicks.

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