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  1. its and niow

    well my jaket dun all most might do hazrd stips at botem will have to see will do a vid on the you tube and pic on face book got get FLAT clare spry and go over it think got some down in basment if do i ues that yes if get dirty like whosh it one day i change beten the both you see both on the you tube and fack book not hare to menny TROLLS might get new minis just fore fun malofo got get some reaper ones shud go to reaper look at new stufff this sarter day UUGGGG a mitaty model show this week ...
  2. First Convention Event (Just had to share!) - Sosevere

    I recently had the wonderful opportunity to show off these amazing Cmon games at Strategicon in Los Angeles CA. During this three day Labor Day weekend. I absolutely had a blast. The first day was amazing. I had some players who where very competitive and the game was so much fun. Just having both sides go back and forth was amazing.

    On sunday i had some new timers come in and I actually got 3 outsiders watching convinced and they ran to the dealer room and purchased the game quickly. ...
    Tabletop Gaming
  3. welll more bleek

    just think and thats bad whas rthink and lke do just fore fun a marshen 4ok army but what ues pegasis models have the 1955 marshen war mashen and the 20o8 one walker mantic has mars atacks but you get soesers with it if get the boxs of 36 two of em now the thing if the mantic marshens come with exsra heeds and armes and yes guns with some say milliput or green stuff i get say 64 marshens out of it and get 4 boxes at UUUGGG 53 buck pirr box and 10 war mashens and convert the sorses in to the try ...
  4. the new look of my ork stompa

    well one thow things that hapen to me my ork stopa fell and brock and just whent nuts and seed to my selff just heck with it and hot GLUE IT to gether yes i hot glue back to gether and this change the look a lot be caws i just did not reneber how i put it gether in fist place and we i birnd my self and stuck to it and well humta dumta what HOT GLUEED back to gether and look ok might if have to do some re paint but look ok but thank to hot glue i got back in to kiling mode and slighly reconfigerd ...
  5. paint stripping made safe,and easy

    just wanted to share with you cats a lil somn,somn...
    we all have old models,or ones we're not particularly pleased with that we would like to do is an EXTREMELY easy way to strip em down to the resin,or other plastic quickly and easily,with absolutely NO chance of screwing up details.
    1)get a jar
    2)fill said jar with dot 4 synthetic brake fluid
    3)drop your victim in
    4)let sit for a day
    5)pull out and hit with a medium coarse toothbrush
    6)drop ...
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  6. My flail bleeds...

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    Haven't been posting much here, i will get all caught up eventually. Been hard at work on my chaos dwarf demon slavers.
    Also ive startedy first 40k mod army, going for a cult mechanicus/ork vibe....thinking about lizardmen is space alot.... time will tell
  7. noobie on here

    hi all was wondering if anyone could help me get some artwork rated . im not sure where to go so ill try to post it here too .
    thanks !
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  8. Building a better Great Unclean One

    Quote Originally Posted by Asmogorwrath View Post
    Hey guys I'm new here, but I have been familiar with this hobby for quite some time. I do consider myself a pretty good artist. I have been working on this sculpt on and off for the last month. I'm in the stage of finishing it up. I used supper sculpy medium, along with some aves epoxy sculpt. There are just three small bits used In this piece. everything else is my own work. I was inspired by the glottkin mini when I began this project. Just wanted to share my progress and get some critiques,
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  9. will do more soon

    well ALL out thare you see more my stuff on the you tube see the stomper the swiggoth see the amazons see yes thare a joke hare history of wold part one with see hiler on ice yes bunch crap going on and up sets me the dump the shooting will goty do stuff just dont like to ALL the crap not fare afrad to go out but we must do this its my mom 75TH b day and we go to shady mapel and get stuff have the diner but l;ike play lot of warhamer both 40k and WHFB will see got vid games will do some soon ...
  10. Best Paints for ChiBis?

    Hi Friends, and well anyone who takes the time to read this. I am VERY new to the CMON and Mini World all together. But I absolutely fell in love when I came across Arcadia Quest one day and purchased my very first set. I am absolutely itching to paint my new little friends but I am a perfectionist and I want nothing but the best for my craft. That said I have a few questions from the pros out there...

    1 - Best Paints (including finishes and primers) to use

    The color grade ...

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