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  1. Zombicide - miniatures painting - work in progress

    My first time back to miniature painting for ten years ... looking forward to eventually having a full Zombicide gaming set painted up.

    This is after washing, priming and starting base coating. No trimming, I decided to leave all the zombies as they came out of the mold. I will trim the player pieces once I start to get more confidence in the painting.

    I have a new set of paints (Vallejo Model paint set) and I have decided to experiment with the different colors ...
  2. Golden Demon 2012 Finished

    Well after a good few months i have finished my Duel entry and an looking forward to taking it to GD in 2 weeks.

    Its been a great learning experience and i have pushed myself where i didnt think i would.

  3. Too many projects, and i add yet more!

    Well the golden demon entry is almost finished, with lots of help from some very nice folks on the forum (avelorn).

    I have started working on the Grey Knight army i mentioned a few blogs back, just undercoated and sand\slate basing at the moment, but looking to be cracking on with this when i have a week off after a trip to london and Games day.

    I am also expanding my projects into motorbike restoration, i recently bought a rough CBR 400 Honda that is need of lots of ...
  4. Guerrieri di rohan

    Terminati i primi due guerrieri ne restano altri 8 azz...
  5. Buongiorno

    Buongiorno a tutti quelli che non ci sono oggi proseguo con i cavalieri di Roahn alla fine lo schema l'ho fatto a piacere ripreso in toni scuri ma colorati vedremo olaaaaaa
  6. AAA Cercasi schema di colore per dei Guerrieri di Roahn LOTR

    Volevo dipingere come GW ma sono tutti praticamente neri solo con poche lumeggiature e la cosa non mi solletica molto
  7. Ciao

    Salve a tutti,
    Mi chiedevo se era possibile capire quanta Italia c'è in questo sito quindi se sei di madrelingua ITALIANO fatti avanti

    La mia idea era creare un'angolino di DOLCEVITA in questo forum che ne dite?
    Per me non sarebbe male

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  8. ebay stuff up for grabs

    hi all got some stuff on ebay up for grabs

    horizon incredible hulk Item number: 150893615949

    warhammer 40k ork bike oop Item number: 150893603048

    OOP eldar thing Item number: 150893601100

    OOP 3 eldar epic titans Item number: 150893598413

    job lot of epic 40k Item number: 150893594000

    Dwarf army job lot Item number: 150893469609

    citadel combat cards spacewar Item number: 150893469175

    hive tyrant ...
  9. added a store page

    added a store page to my blog page got loads of stuff going up for grabs over the next few weeks
  10. Putting the GD entry together

    Completed the base apart from tidying the sides that will be black.

    Composition looks good, i was aiming for having the figures the draw to the eye, so the base is muted and enclosed, this is more in line with the duel rules as i read them, and as a first attempt i hope the composition draws some attention.


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