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  1. Cryx - Blog 00

    I've been playing warmachine for about 3-4 months now and i started with Cygnar but i'll be running another journeyman slow grow league for the community here in Dubai in March and i'll be testing out my favourite faction, Cryx.
    The models for my battle group will be:
    Venethrax - 6 JP
    Deathjack - 12
    Bloodgorgers - 5
    General Gerlak Slaughterborn - 3
    Malice - 9
    Wraith Engine - 9
    Now i have 3 more points to ...
  2. Capitano Corsaro con balestra

    Capitano corsaro con balestra

    Colori usati:
    Dwarf Flesh Schorched Brown Devlan Mud Bleached Bones Skull White Blood Red Chaos Black Regal Blue Regal Blue Golden Yellow Mithrill Silver Graveyard Earth
    Questo nuovo modello è stato convertito a partire da un haradrim guerriero con lancia. La posa scelta è quella del guerriero chino, senza mantello. Usando il kit per conversioni GW (trovato su internet), ho deciso di usare ...
    Other , Pittura
  3. your never too old

    I started my first son in this hobby about 15 years ago. I had always been making model planes, tanks,soldiers since i was a kid. So we got a 40K starter set and away we went  He moved interests through different armies and started but not staying with any (kids).He currently is working on an Eldar army for a local tourney we hope to attend later in the year,while my 2nd son is finishing his GKnights. I am currently redoing the Blood Angels army that was started all those years ago,adding some ...
  4. More tanks

    In a desperate attempt to expand my eldar army I painted couple of table top wave serpents to house my  Dire avengers and howling banshees. Here are some pictures from a recent megabattle of the forces of Order against, you might've guess - the forces of Chaos where my Eldars attempted to hold a ruined city.
    Facing the Great Unclean One. Looked scary but this poor dear got killed about 3 minutes later. The lower wave serpent is old, the upper one is new. 

    A random ...
  5. Grimbold di Grimsdale Pittura su commissione (livello da gioco)


    Elenco dei colori:
    Chaos Black, Skull White, Boltgun Metal, Mithrill Silver, Schorced Brown, Blood Red, Snakebite Leather, Dwarf Flesh, Bleached Bones, Golden Yellow, Regal Blue, Codex Grey, Fortress Grey, Dark Angels Green.
    Prima di cominciare a descrivere le fasi di pittura del modello, una precisazione è d’obbligo. Questa miniatura è in realtà un Dunlendiano guerriero con arma a due mani, ma ...
    Other ,
  6. i'm back. well, sort of.

    if you saw my login, it was because my wife was using my computer.
    it's been a year-long recovery, and i hope it goes well.
    there i was, minding my own business, and watching the rest of the knuckleheads at work (a US naval shipyard). things were looking good. i was walking down the pier, headed to test some comm gear on the ship when a poorly rigged pallet of materials fell from the gantry crane 50 feet onto the pier. and guess who was in the bounce zone?
    we wear different ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  7. Halloween Pumpkin Mage skonczony

    Wkoncu po dlugim czasie udalo mi sie skonczyc modelik, ktory juz pokazywalem wczasniej -Halloween Pumpkin Mage firmy Spellcrown... Najwiecej motywacji dalo mi zdobycie drewnianego, stepla ktory sluzy wlasnie za podstawe dioramy... W swoim bitspudelku znalazlem elegancka Dwarfowa lopate i nagrobek od Tombow calosc zmontowalem na drewnianym klocku jako swierzy grob... jeszcze troche kamykow i piasek i bylo wszystko przygotowane... wiedzialem ze modele to nie bedzie problem tylko base... ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  8. My 1st Blog

    Not sure if anyone will read this or even see it, but I have decided to do a blog.  Primarily about painting and my achievements or improvements to my painting over the next 12 months.  However general goings on in life might slip into it. 
    So about 18 months ago I got my old WH40K stuff out of storage in the shed and gave them to my then 7yo son.  He loved it and the whole Warhammer type story stuff, as not only did I have figures but old Codex’s, ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  9. Sharku su warg

    Vi presento il mio ultimo lavoro di pittura, il capitano dei Cavalcawarg di Isengard: Sharku.
    Prima di procede con la pittura, ho realizzato la texture per la basetta. Ho spennellato sulla basetta una mistura di colla vinilica e acqua, ho incollato alcune pietre di lettiera per gatti e ho ultimato con della semplice sabbia. Come base per la pittura ho passato il Chaos Black su tutto il modello.
    Per fare la ...
    Other ,
  10. Human Blood Bowl Team i reszta

    Tak wiec zaczne od tego, ze udalo mi sie wkoncu rozegrac pierwsza partyjke w Warmachine. Gra jest calkiem fajna i szybka. Z racji tego, ze ten system mnie zauroczyl, ruszam z kopyta do malowania Warjackow. Aktualnie 3 rozgrzebane, jeden podczas blendingu Jak skoncze wrzuce foty. Druga spraw± jest Malifoo. Co raz nas wiecej w naszym malym miescie, ktorzy zainteresowali siê tymi ladnymi modelami. Teraz tylko czekac, a¿ Zigu znajdzie czas na to aby nas troche poduczyc zasad. Zygu, czekamy z niecierpliwoscia ...
    Painting and Modelling ,

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