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  1. Update!

    Sorry not to have said anything earlier about all this. The course is going fine, and we have finally sorted out the hobby room and bought a table! I got a new fancy camera with macro functionality and we have a big window so hopefully there will be some much better pictures from now on. Sneak preview of some things that should be coming up:-Article on the set-up of a hobby space.Daemons on their new urban overdone bases.Green of a converted Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Slaanesh.Painting step-by-step ...
  2. Week 3: A go at Crypt ghouls

    After spending the first two weeks with Chaos warhounds I thought that it was time to try my hand with a little Vampire Counts. Cypt ghouls feature in both of my vampire counts armies, so the logical conclusion was to have a go at them.
    The Vampire counts book states that these are living creatures and that "their skin is dark and filthy, their eyes bestial and insane, and their snarling lips reveal sharp pointed teeth". I therefore decided that I wanted these figures to look as if ...
  3. Hi

    Figure I should start a Blog to help keep me motivated so here is the first mini
    Painting and Modelling ,
  4. Grey Hunters

    I have begun painting my Grey Hunters in pure TT quality with purpose of playing with them. I will paint in "waves" and this time I have painted all armor and faces just to give them some color and abit character.  Maybe I will paint all my space wolfs like this before going into details and finally highlighting or maybe i will finnish this squad first:S

    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. Alice and Answers next TALE REVISION mini!!

    Aqui estamos de nuevo con las novedades del primer del mes de año 2010. Esperamos que os gusten!!!!
    Empezamos con un nuevo personaje de Ron&Bones, el pequeño grumete malicioso grumete Jimmy Jokins, seguro que os hará un buen servicio a bordo de vuestra tripulacion.
    Jimmy Jokins:
    Diseño Ivan Gil
    Escultura Ivan Santurio.
    Pintura miniart productions.Aqui teneis unas fotos de la escultura

    Para terminar, cerramos el mes por la puerta grande. ...
  6. Best friends!

    And so its finnished...
    My rune priest and dreadnought are best friends! 
      I havent decided how i should do the base yet, I think i will save
    them to last. Vote:
    Painting and Modelling ,
  7. Still not dead (yet)

    It's funny how often I make posts of this nature, but no worries boys and girls I'm still around :-)Haven't been doing too much painting lately, or gaming for that matter. I'm working (slowly) on my classic Dwarf army, trying to get them all build and primed so I don't feel like quite as much of a hobo when I play small games with them. The current list involves about 2x10 Quarrellers, 20 Ironbreakers, and a smattering of war machines and small support units.I'm currently still trying to get my ...
  8. Week 2: Another 5 warhounds

    Ok, end of the second week and I have completed another 5 warhounds. This counts as another 40 painting points (each model is worth its unit strength squared in points) and places me 8 points ahead of schedule. I have a feeling I might need these points in hand at some point.I I have used the same technique on these as on the previous 5 warhounds, but have slightly changed the brown recipe. These are scorched brown to beastial brown, to a mix of dwarf flesh and beastial brown. The fur ...
  9. Ein paar alte Bilder zum Anfang

    So, heute stelle ich mal einige meiner alten Bilder vor. Die Miniaturen wurden vor drei oder vier JAhren bemalt und spiegeln daher nicht meinen heutigen Malstandart wieder. Hoffe sie gefallen euch trotzdem. Zum ersten ein klassisches Modell eines Zwergenschiedsrichters von GW:
  10. Begrüßung

     Hi, willkommen auf meinem eigenem Blog. Ich nutze dies, um Bilder von meinen fertigen und in Arbeit befindlichen (WIP) Miniaturen zu zeigen. Dies dient zum einen meiner Motivation, um mich immer mal wieder dazu zu bringen, Pinsel und Farben zu benutzen und zum anderen, eine (hoffentlich) positive Entwicklung meiner Malfähigkeiten festzustellen. Im Moment werde ich mich überwiegend auf Blood Bowl und Necromunda Minis konzentrieren und nebenbei noch einige Figuren, die mir nur einfach ...

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