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  1. Painterly Advice

    I'm a professional painter and I love it. Every day I go into the office or sit at my desk and paint and enjoy every minute of it. While it's not easy, it's something I'm passionate about so it makes the long hours shrink. I can spend four hours painting and think nothing of it. I don't work because this is what I want to do with my life. I'm also fairly new to being a successful miniature painter, just a little over and year and half. So while I'd like to offer a couple choice pieces of advice ...
  2. An Introduction

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    For my first blog post, (since I should get in the habit of rambling) I've decided it should be a brief introduction about myself and what I do. For those of you that don't know me, I am Elizabeth Beckley, and I am a full time professional miniature painter. Yes, this is what I do to pay the bills and I love it! I have currently been painting professionally for a year and a half and currently work in-house at CoolminiorNot as a studio painter. I also do freelance ...
  3. My Legion (by peacemongrel)

    My Legion.

    Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of being at the CMON Expo and getting to do what I enjoy most.
    Sharing games with others and trying out some new games.

    During the weekend there were ribbons to be earned, based on trying demos or playing full length games.
    By the end of the weekend I had all 10 Ribbons.

    Also during the weekend I got to introduce a long time gaming friend to the range of games we as Legionnaires support. ...

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  4. Eight Examples Of Michael Kors

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  5. Dwarf Slayer vs. Savage Orc

  6. Welcome folks

    I am so happy to be on CMON. Gonna have lots more posted soon. You can also purchase my wares. Terrain and plastic scale models are also available.
  7. Angeles Oscuros warhammer 40000

    Hola , hoy os voy a poner fotos de uno de mis últimos encargos a comision , esta vez les toco el turno a Angeles oscuros , como sigue siendo habitual recibo mas encargos de Warhammer que de otras marcas , sera porque es a lo que mas se juega?? supongo que si , tengo que reconocer que es lo que mas me gusta pintar , las miniaturas de warhammer tanto fantasy como 40K , tienen muy buena calidad sobre todo las miniaturas de metal , que de esas ya son difíciles de encontrar jeje.
    Bueno al lió.....el ...
  8. Early sculpting blog stuff

    Thanks for the initial feedback folks, it's reminded me that I do all this for my own pleasure and satisfaction, not for any other reason

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    Painting and Modelling
  9. First CMON Blog Post, And a Treeman WIP!

    So ive never made a blog post here, mainly because I am still figuring out how the site works! I love this site and I am constantly coming here for inspiration! As with anything I post here I want to hear your comments and critiques. If you think one of my pieces looks like crap let me know! But please give me some helpful advice on how to correct my mistakes. Thanks for checking this out CMON.

    Anthony Rodriguez

    So here is the piece with all of the weapons and one ...
  10. Colors

    I'm new in the mini painting business. So I stocked up some colors yesterday. Colorpalette for wastelands yeeehaa.

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