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  1. My Legion (by G_Q)

    Hello fellow Legionnaires and to all the good folksthat are interested in what we do and who we are.
    I guess I’ll start with the basics; the name isJason (G_Q on the Legion Boards), Iwas introduced to the Legion program and CoolMiniOrNot(CMoN) in a very roundaboutway.A couple years ago I was what you’dcall a basic gamer…didn’t play miniature games at all and hell didn’t reallyplay board games very often. My friend Ray (Peacemongrel) called me up one day and said he needed help with play-testinga ...
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    Tabletop Gaming , Other
  2. Warhammer chaos dwarf great standard banner

    it's an old chaos dwarf swivel gun servant

    Name:  IMG_0370.JPG
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Size:  111.4 KB Name:  IMG_0372.JPG
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Size:  134.3 KB Name:  IMG_0369.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_0377.JPG
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Size:  151.5 KB Name:  IMG_0378.JPG
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    Tabletop Gaming , Warhammer Fantasy
  3. Has it really been 3 years?

    I last picked up a brush three years ago. Before that, it was 15 years. Now I'm about to do it all over again, except my paints have all separated. They haven't dried, thank goodness, but now I'm trying to figure out some jury-rigging duct-tape monstrosity to attach to a jigsaw to really shake 'em up. (It's Vallejo Game Color if you must know).

    I've also ordered a bunch of mini's to start again, some nice ones. Watch this space!
  4. Tracking my painting excursion

    I have started painting some mini`s for a friend, mostly because he gave me all of his supplies when he decided it wasn't for him.

    This is what I have so far, the spikes on the backside have also been done in the same brown.

    I`m debating with myself on re-doing the box in a different colour somehow, just so it doesn`t stand out too much, also trying to think on what i should do differently on the other 2 models.

    Name:  CR Gargoyle WIP.jpg
Views: 2044
Size:  105.3 KB ...
  5. PeePster PLOG

  6. Awesome!

    I totally did not realize i had this blog! im gonna post here more often now
  7. Sculptor on a year long campaign to establish a miniature company.

    This is a blog that is on cmon, and is temporarly here.

    Updated 11-22-2016 at 12:27 PM by Atomico

    Painting and Modelling , Tabletop Gaming , Other
  8. angarrath wip. hes huge!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by arcadian110 View Post
    Ok first pic. Boring one but showing that this one isn’t going to fall apart. Heavy brass welding rod used to pin parts along with epoxy resin and superglue.
    Name:  DSC00224.jpg
Views: 4893
Size:  814.3 KBName:  DSC00225.jpg
Views: 4880
Size:  957.6 KBName:  DSC00227.jpg
Views: 4848
Size:  821.4 KB

    Then comes the start of the painting. Undercoated then purity sealed.
    Name:  DSC00230.jpg
Views: 4007
Size:  1.14 MB

    Pre shading done
    Name:  DSC00232.jpg
Views: 3887
Size:  1.03 MBName:  DSC00233.jpg
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Size:  802.7 KBName:  DSC00235.jpg
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Size:  1.00 MBName:  DSC00236.jpg
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  9. Reaper Learn to Paint Kit - Beginning Level Armor and Fur

    My first experience with painting miniatures was using the Reaper Learn to Paint Kit. It comes with a human warrior and a rather large rat. I completed both of these miniatures following the instructions provided.

    They were okay looking when I was done. The warrior wasn't cross-eyed but I wouldn't write home about the overall quality of the paint jobs. They were definitely 5s but I'd mark them down a point for no basing. I'm sort of merciless like that.

    I stripped ...
  10. Privateer Press | Mountain King

    Quote Originally Posted by conair073 View Post
    Next, i painted the clothes
    Name:  1.jpg
Views: 1890
Size:  98.0 KB
    With a little sand effect below the clothes

    Then making filter effect
    Name:  3.jpg
Views: 1860
Size:  87.3 KBName:  4.jpg
Views: 1850
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    Finally OSL with the mountain on the back
    Name:  6.jpg
Views: 1861
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    End with this round.TKS

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