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  1. Survey about future painting competition for the community

    Do you play miniature tabletop games? Are you a painter of miniatures? Please assist the the community with this survey.

    Once you've taken it, please feel free to share as well to other painters and forums.
  2. Buckbeak bows

    one of several 'live' animatronic features at the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour, the griffon/gryphon from...well, whichever one it was in. Went for a visit there a few days ago with a couple of friends, for one of their birthdays.

    Whatever you think of the whole Potter phenomenon, the tour thing is really quite an experience - granted I'm pretty biased by way of being a sculptor/modelmaker, but ...
  3. scale-size stonehenge

    - a couple of pics of a series of models created for the soon-to-open new visitor centre at Stonehenge, showing its progression through the ages: first, about 3000 BC, and before the commonly-known henge has appeared, a circular ditch enclosed a series of stones or wooden uprights known as the Aubrey Pillars, the entrance to the site fronted off by the larger ‘heel stone’; by 2500 BC most of the Aubreys have disappeared but for a small number of station stones, while the heel stone has ...
  4. Cthulhu Wars Roars

    - well, somewhat belatedly after the finish-date of the funding process, a quick blurb on the CW kickstarter: it was successful, to say the least – the Green Eye Games folks were hoping to raise $40,000 to produce a prototype of their game, with which to approach all and sundry to try and draw on further funding for full production of the game.
    What actually happened was that the $40,000 was achieved somewhere within the first couple of hours of going live, and it just kept going madly ...
  5. Introducing the Zen Painting Bench

    Based on the Zen principles of design, The Zen Painting Bench is an aid for figure painters, especially useful for working on fine detail. The idea is a simple one: it gives the painter somewhere convenient to rest and steady their hands while they’re painting. But it also seems to focus your energy more effectively – helping you to achieve that ‘zen’ state of concentration when you do your best work.

    At the moment, there are a couple of prototypes in development; made of ...

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    Tabletop Gaming , Other , Painting and Modelling
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  6. Hello World)

    Hi? sometime i will tell about my miniatures and warhammer army, gl hf all
  7. Toad infamy minis. Part 3

    So tonight I worked on turning a lot of the metallics copper. I used mainly reapers coppery orange as I still have trouble wrapping my head around nmm. I should have taken pics after this step but forgot and jumped right into starting to add oxidation to the copper machinery. Here are tonight's pics:
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  8. Infamy miniatures. Toad 2

    Ok, so this morning I started to work on the base a little. I recently backed the Happy Seppuku kickstarter to get a bunch of rubber stamps to use for basing, bits, and dioramas. This is what I decided to use to make the base for Toad.

    I started with the flagstone stamp, and mixed up some putty, I had to go back and add more, this is a big base. That is the reason for the 2 different colored putties on the base in the picture. I wet the stamp down a little and then pressed the ...

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    Painting and Modelling
  9. Infamy miniatures. Toad 1

    Ok. So I thought I would start a blog and put up some of my attempts at painting. My first will be infamy miniatures new sculpt the toad, sculpted by MIKH.

    I started by by getting him assembled and primed white.

    Next I decided to go with a light wash on the metallic parts of the sculpt to help bring out a lot of the details. I went with a wash of nuln oil. I also did this on the smoke coming out of the smokestack.

    I then decided to start at the top with ...
  10. Welcome to Boston Miniatures on Cool Mini or Not!!

    I am attempting to upload my minis pictures I have been painted for 10 years and took a 15 break. I am back in strength and glad that the community has grown to show case great minis!!


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