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  1. WD Clones

    'WD Clones' is up and running. We're going to pick one model from the current issue of WD and paint them just like you would see in the magazine.  The goal of this exercise is to make sure we have the PRO techniques down pat, thereby advancing our study of masterclass painting.Up first is the Chaos Lord on Daemonic Steed, from 2008 December WD347 page 82. It was a blast to paint and easy to follow along with the magazine. The base kicked it up a notch to make ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  2. The Chaos Divide 07

    Ok another update on this army building. I've been trying to practice my gold nmm and get it better, i have found that as im doing more i and slowly developing a good feel for where highlights are placed for a decent looking nmm. I like how these marines have come out and each one has taken me about 3 days each. I put my first and original one in the back for comparison. As a unit they look pretty good, working on the sorcerer but i need to put together the rest of the army and that will help me ...
  3. Project: [Chaos warband]

    It`s my first message on this blog. Before I will begin work on the blog, I wish to apologise for my English . I hope that it will not prevent to visit my blog regularly.All has begun with the small order. My friend has asked to paint his possesed marines. At me was not experiences of painting and consequently has decided to fulfil skill in the favourite style - maximum realism My first and second pack of possesed marines. In these miniatures I used different colour schemes for ...
  4. You've come a long way baby!

    As I mentioned before, I've been totally out of the minature hobby for around 8 years. When I last was at least keeping tabs on things, Rackham miniatures (fiannas mostly!) were the rage; they were very difficult to get. I remember placing an order with an online shop for about 5 miniatures-and only getting 2 of them since the others had already sold out! Come back years later to find they're still hard to get because Rackham has decided to do those cheap, ugly prepainted lumps of crap! What were ...
  5. I hope it's like riding a bike

    Well. It's been almost 8 years since I've painted anything. Oh, I made a lousy attempt at picking it up again a few years ago, going as far as buying a bunch of Vallejo paints all kinds of prep tools, etc etc. (I think the little paint shaker was going a bit overboard) Only to kinda paint one figure and decide that I really, REALLY dislike Vallejo paints despite so many people seeming to rave about them.
    What made me get the urge again? I play online video games and maybe 2 months ago I decided ...
  6. The Chaos Divide 06

    Well a new update to an old project. Here is a thousand sons marine where i tried taking the nmm to an even better quality than what i've been doing. I reduced the amount of yellow in the mix and more in the brown and white area for the gold nmm, Im really happy with how it looks. Anyway enough of boring you all, here are the pics.  
  7. Back in the Saddle

    After an eight year hold on painting minis, I have decided to find time to give it another go.  I have been working with Necrons from GW as of late and have been experiementing with a Skaven Poison Wind Globadier.  I will post some stuff on the Necons when I dial them in a bit more, they are really intended on getting my brushes wet again in the wolrd of mini painting.  The Skaven is more of a test subject for some techniques I have not tried before such as NMM and Object Source lighting.  ...
  8. Techmarine 07

    Well after a few more nights of painting this dude, i have reached a point where im happy with him alot. The grey NMM on the backpack i tried not to put too much emphasis on it so that the focal point isn't taken away from the main part of the model too much. I think its worked well. The whole effect of the model is nice and i've tried to improve my contrast in colours and i think i've learnt alot painting this mini. Constructive comments and criticisms are always welcome.   
  9. Something new

    Three minis for Rotten Harvest 2008.
  10. Dwarf blacksmith

    This is 54mm scale dwarf sculpted by my good friend Sprigyn. Soon it'll be casted in resin an his other works too. Hope you like it)

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