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  1. Mounted Daemonettes on eBay

    Just a quick blurb about my auction. I'm selling 8 of the lovely Juan Diaz mounted daemonettes right now. GW foolishly discontinued them right after releasing 2 army books that require the models. New models will hopefully be out within a year... in the mean time you can buy mine since I won't be playing Slaanesh any time soon!You can find them here. These models are all virgin pewter, 5 still in blisters and the other 3 are loose bare metal. They have never been built, painted or played with. Most ...
  2. Zomg I think I'm in trouble!

    It just dawned on me that I am leaving for Games Day in 9 days. I still haven't started my 40k Single entry (my "main" entry), and I haven't quite sorted which of my many many many almost finished painted minis to enter in the other categories. I have a ton of painting to do, I should really put away the gaming figs for a while!Lol I'm really good at keeping track of time aren't I? :-D
  3. Allsorts...

    Just read a news story about bra’s that have been created with solar panels and they have enough surface area to power an iPod or mobile phone. I think this is an absolutely top idea, I can’t remember how many times I have left the house and realised that I can’t listen to any music because my iPod is dead.
    And it surely beats listening to whining little shites on the metro.

    I’m also covered in midge bites after spending a long weekend in Keswick. It’s ...
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  4. My day.

    It’s been about 2 month since my last blog post, how time flies...

    Had a weird day today. I feel like I have done loads and loads of things, but I haven’t really done that much.
    I can’t even be bothered to send a few emails that I need to send now, I’ll just do it tomorrow. Write this post instead, even though it would probably be better to do it the other way round...priorities and all that.

    Woken up by my dad asking me if I wanted a bacon and ...
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  5. Road trip weekend!

    Should be a wicked fun weekend. Tom (phesmic) and myself are driving down to Blackfalds to visit the legendary Glyn "Zaphod" Evans. He's so hip he has trouble seeing over his pelvis!Should be good times, we'll be judging a GROTS painting contest followed by some combination of guitars, alcohol and paint brushes. I'm looking forward to it, that's for sure. I might use the time to finish the Fallen Angel model I've had WIP for ages... the Sisters are already getting enough attention and ...
  6. Under the Black Flag

    who knows if you'll ever be able to read this entry thanks to the cmon blog system being totally bolloxed up. :/

    arrrghghgh! *shamble*
  7. Welcome to my blog

    Hello, and thanks for looking at my blog. Let me tell you a bit about myself. At the time of writing, I'm a 24 year old living in the North Midlands, England. I started collecting and playing Warhammer 40,000 when I was 9 or 10. Back then my painting and modeling skills were absolutely awful. I had a collection of Space Orks based the Warhammer 40,000 second edition box set, and built up around it. I knew nothing about good painting, the plastic models were twisted away from the sprues, and ...
  8. Get off my lawn.

    I just finished this silly little terrain piece given to me by my wife, back when we'd only been dating a short time. I think its pretty neat in its own right, but that origin makes it even cooler. I think it's by Reaper.

  9. How I spent my Sunday night

    Yep. Finals around the corner (Wednesday) and 3 term papers due in the next 10 days, and I spend my entire Sunday evening setting up my home theatre in a new room and with a new stand. I never want to strip a speaker wire ever again... but I will in a few days once I have somewhere to mount the rear speakers. Not looking forward to it.
  10. Another quickie

    Don't worry kids, it's not as dirty as it sounds. I'm still alive, and still occasionally sitting down and getting some work done. For the campaign I've had to build another 2 regiments, and once again my school work prevented me from doing any actual painting. 5 Glade Riders are 100% built and based, ready for primer. I've got to do another 4 Dryad conversions and then I'm good for 2000 points of Wood Elf goodness. Now all I gotta do is paint some mages and the last 3 Core units I've assembled, ...
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