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  1. Welcome Message

    Thanks for clicking on my blog.  This is the first time I have ever blogged.  I will endeavor to make this something fun to read.  I would like to start with the 3 categories I have listed, News-type items, General garbage, and Religion.  Favorite topics may get added as I go along. Contact me if you have suggestions.  This looks like a good place to put all my"crackpot" ideas.  Yay.  It's like My Own Personal Space...yeah, maybe I'll call it MySpace ...
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  2. I havn't lost the spreadsheets! Iv'e gained a new hat!

    And what a fetching titfer it is too! A3 makes the most fantastic hats, unfortunatly my choice of colour is somewhat lacking. I might have piped for Luminecent marker, but its all a bit 80's really isn't it?! I hated the bloody 80's, when I was growing up in all the pictures I have i'm either wearing hideous clothes or i'm completely ass nekkid! That can't make for very healthy development....Point in case. I did , however, at one point own an amazing pair of beige and brown Y-Fronts! thats the ...
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