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  1. Plenty of progress... but no achievements

    Lots of things underway at the moment, sadly nothing completed as yet. First off is the continuing Death Company for the flesh tearers force, the whole squad is up to this stage but the rest were out of focus :P The roller itself is pretty much complete, and the pilot will be, at least comparatively, easy.Now well underway is the Elf Blitzer, part of the same comission and painted in the style of Boba Fett. Still a bit of work to do but I'm quite pleased with the kind of grubby/dusty effect ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  2. Inquisitorial land raider. More flatwork

    I finally finished everything I wanted to finish on this mini. The bad thing about commission is that you actually have to paint them , the good thing about commissions is that you can experiment and paint things that you wouldn't normally paint. This particular "mini" by the nature of request involved doing substantial amount of coherent freehand that I have never done before. Well, as a confidence building measure it was very useful.

  3. Death Company

    Just a quick update;All fleshtearer assault troops are complete, and have begun work on the death company and chaplain. Heres a pic of the 'test' marine I did for the death company colours; Shouldn't be too long till my dedicated workspace is complete now, which should make both photo taking and serious painting a lot easier. The deathroller is mostly complete, although it's a bit plain at the moment, the last few details will break it up nicely once they're complete. The highlighting may look ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  4. Cirith Ungol - Part 1

    Two weeks ago I started a project which seems to be the most ambitious of mine - The Tower of Cirith Ungol. I was inspired by Tolkiens book and the film and I've got a huge box with Mordor warriors by GW. So I want to make a diorama showing Shagrat fighting against Gorbag. If everything goes right the Tower will be about 30-40 sm high and inhabited with 10-15 Mordor Urukhajs and Orcs. By the time it looks rather poor, but I hope it's just the beginning.  
    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. Sex Life of Fruit Bats

    OooooooK.....So, I am getting mo dose of daily reading and in one of the journal I usually read (very scientific journal, btw) I found.... THIS!Now, this really made me laugh. I think I just got my nomination for IGNobel prize for this year
     PLoS One. 2009 Oct 28;4(10):e7595.Fellatio by fruit bats prolongs copulation time.Tan M, Jones G, Zhu G, Ye J, Hong T, Zhou S, Zhang S, Zhang L.Guangdong Entomological Institute, Guangzhou, China.Oral sex is widely used in human foreplay, but rarely ...
  6. Busy Busy

     The fleshtearer assault troops are nearly all complete, here are some pics of the 12 completed and the last 8 still 'in progress' the main bodies are just missing a blacklining stage, I still find it surprising what a difference it make to the figure overall;  And finally, the first shots of the Deathroller I am doing around the Fleshtearers as another commison. Not a lot to see yet, but the front roller is pretty much complete.And around both of these and some OU study, I'm putting ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  7. Happy Halloween

  8. The first of many..

    the first five Fleshtearer Assault Marines are complete.Again, most of the bases are unfinished, I tend to save the bases to do all in one go as it's the only time I use a drybrush :P I'm going to probably complete all teh assault marines over the next few days. But in between coats of paint, I now have a second commission project to work on, which does mean the space wolves have been set back, but I'm looking forward to painting up these pair of bloodbowl miniatures.It should be a nice chance ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  9. Only ONE USA Games Day this year?

    Well, the rumors circulating for a couple of weeks were now given form on the Bells of lost Souls. No substance yet, but considering last year rumors about the LA Games day I am afraid we might end up with a single Games day. Original BoLS article is here
  10. Welcome!

    Welcome to my blog, I'm new on CMON, I'm 12 years old (Yeah, it's younge).I'm painting now for 2-3 years, But always with breaks, and I've never did it really serious.Now I want to start all over again with painting, gaming, making terrain,..I'm now working on a Wood Elf army and some terrain pieces.The Wood Elf stuff I've already bought: -1 Mounted Wood Elf Lord.-16 Wood Elf Glade Guards.I'll post some pictures later.Thanks for visiting, and please come again.By the way, Sorry for my crappy english, ...

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