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  1. Techpriest Conversion + Sky-Earth NMM Chrome

    I'm currently working on an amusing conversion of a techpriest, based off the latest Engineseer model. After doing a decent dry-brushed paint job and letting it sit there for weeks, I decided out of the blue yesterday to change everything completely. (I have the feeling this will happen a lot with this hobby.)I decided to paint the metallic parts chrome, using the sky-earth NMM technique. It came out quite well I think, for my first chrome attempts and second-ever model. My boyfriend was impressed, ...
    Warhammer 40K ,
  2. Bloggy McBloggerson

    I love my boyfriend, because he actually <i>wants</i> me to encroach on his hobby.For the last two years he's been slowly filling me with 40k obsession, plying me with video games and novels and magazines. Finally I've got into actual painting, when I have a spare moment and the mood takes me. I created this blog to perhaps give me incentive to paint more often.I would tell you I "play" Empy's Children, but that's a bit of an exaggeration since I don't actually play and my ...
    Warhammer 40K ,
  3. Flesh Recipe Showcase, Zulus, and Flying Daggers

    All this and more (well, not realy that much more at the moment!) over at my new blog, which actually works as expected.
  4. Fleshtearer Terminators all done

    I'm still not feeling 100%, so progress has been slow, the Wolves are temporarily on hold so I can put all my attention into the Fleshtearers.This is the first completed squad(barring their bases), theres more underway, so I should have a couple of 'in progress' shots for next update.  The aim was for a 'good gaming standard', which I think I've managed so far. As always, comments are welcome.  
    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. Space Hulk - Brother Goriel

     Ok, This is my first ever painted space marine. Surprisingly this model was rather difficult for me for a number of reasons. 1) I never painted space marines before, I am not familiar with SMs heraldry, insignias, mythology and background. So a number of details was not really obvious how to paint. THis guy is a concoction of various blood angels I found here, on coolminiornot and various (often conflicting) advises ofered by my local people. 2) I have major problem painting red. This is not ...
  6. All you remember

    All you remember about your child being an infant is the incredible awe you felt about the precious miracle you created. You remember having plenty of time to bestow all your wisdom and knowledge. You thought wow goldyour child would take all of your advice and make fewer mistakes, and be much smarter than you were. You wished for your child to hurry and grow up.All you remember about your child being two is never using the restroom alone or getting to watch a movie without talking animals. You ...
  7. Space Wolves and Fleshtearers are go

    I now have two fully assembled Space Marine armies that need painting. there are my own Space Wolves, using the new plastics with some other bits and pieces and an all assault troop Fleshtarers army I am painting as a commission. The Fleshtearers have come to me already assembled and undercoated. As the customer had saved me the time and trouble of base coating the minatures, I offered to throw in an axtra couple of highlight stages over his proposed colour scheme. He agreed, and after seeing ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  8. The dust has settled

    After an unsucessful Golden Demon, I spent a week with my good friend, Influenza. On the plus side, I've now recovered and seem to have assembled a whole Space Wolves army whilst I was ill. I don't remember most of it, but luckily it all seems to be game legal by the new codex. I'll get some images of those guys up as soon as I get chance to base them. Heres a link to the Golden Demon entry for those who are interested; Around my own Space Wolf force, I will also ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  9. Some seriously weatherd military hardware

    During my recent trip to the Berkshire mountain (pictures for this will have to wait till album editing is fixed) we visited the Watervliet Arsenal in Albany. This is an active installation that has an interesting artillery museum. So, after filling some forms and getting tags we got inside. Next to the museum building there were several pieces of military hardware that was in rather worn out state. I figured ...
  10. Attempt at calligraphy

    A commissioner requested to put some lettering on his inquisitorial land raider, you know basic litanies to the emperor, some chapter name and such. Being given little specifics , or rather free rein I figured I will try it all in what people know as "Gothic". To make life a bit simpler I went for the simplest version of "black letters". Here is the result.   Text is rather crude translation into Latin, I am sure people who know the language will be terrified, ...

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