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  1. Slaanesh Hero & Grots With a Kanon.

    While I'm trying to finish my Chaos hero, the dark Gods doesen't work in my favour...
      Can't seem to get the face in order, and don't know what to do with the sword. Any suggestions are welcome.  Until i'm done you can admire one of my girlfriends Grot Kanons. I think it's amazingly kewl.
  2. WIP Wulfric Sneak Peek

  3. WIP Wulfric V.2

    So I had a chance to clean him up a bit and paint most of the back details and definitely over did the NMM on the sword (it was my first time i could not resist, haha) so I need to scratch that. 
    Painting and Modelling ,
  4. Another one done! (Still in the back in the saddle stage)

    I finished the chaos demon. What fun! I hope that my skill has increased enough that this gets a slightly better reception. I worked hard at getting the blending and the shading right, and went to you tube to take some lessons. I love the internet! I think I am going to work on making more lifelike faces next, especially since my next ones have lifelike faces to work on. The portable studio really helped me out alot, and having the ground cover definately makes it look alot more polished. ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. Black Hats

    So now that I got the hats straightened out, I was able to get some final photos of Marshal Ney and staff.
    (also votable)

  6. The Chaos Divide 15

    Well as another update i've finished my terminators after being stricken by the flu, trying to find concentration and strength again is difficult. Overall im very happy with the whole squad and individually they are all of a fair tabletop standard. The blue's are all glazed and im happy with it all. Anyway comments and criticisms are welcome:

    The photos still have that yellow tinge from my lamps but one day i'll finish something during the day and i'll retake some pics using natural ...
  7. WIP Warrior of Chaos Lord

    So I picked up another totally radical model to spend some time practicing on. The number one candidate was the Warrior of Chaos Lord Wulfric The Wanderer. Awesome model and a ton of fun to paint so far. here are some early pictures. 
    Painting and Modelling ,
  8. Space Wolves

    So I really like the Space Wolves models, my favorite being the Rune Priest, I thought I'd give him a try and get some practice. I went into Empire games on a Friday afternoon (Around 5PM) and didn't leave until close around midnight. I sat there in a deep painting trance and banged this guy out. A few more hours the next day to fix details and I had a nearly finished product.
    So over the weekend my car was broken into and all my models smashed (Not too bad only around 800 points of SM), but ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  9. Chaos Maruders

    So, i finished my first regiment of Chaos Maruders, for my new Chaos army. I haven't finished my last 10 skeleton spearmen for my VC army yet however. But I figured since the maruders have been gathering dust for quite some time i have to finish them first, while the skeletons are still in their unopened box. Very logical. This also means i have to finish my Juggernaut and my hero type before i can start on the skeletons. Anyways, back to the Maruders. I went for a "neutral look" ...
  10. Mistaken Identity

    It was pointed out to me today when I shared the final pictures of the Taco General Staff that I had in fact failed rather stunningly in my limited research into the correct uniform colors. Aparently all bicornes and the like were black in the French army. A cusory look around the web confirms this. . .not sure how I missed it before.

    But whats more, how did the people I shared the work in progress with miss it as well? I expect more from my readership! Yes thats right, the both of ...

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