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  1. Eulen nach Athen tragen (amazon WIP)

    I'm doing these 'amazons' as a warrior cult of Athena.

    Her sacred animal is the Owl, which I decided months ago I was going to render on my amazon's shield in a motif ripped off / paying homage to, my friend's ( ovo ) street art work.

    Tonight I finally got to a point where I can share that part, yay! one

    Oh, and my order from Copplestone came in, so now I'm equipped to start on my contribution to the Frothers Gang Fight game planned ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  2. Need advice on Amazons!

    I'm working on a batch of Amazons from Fortress Figures and having a bit of painters block. About half the unit is naked, and half the unit is wearing the drapey toga things. Its the togas I'm having trouble picking a colour for. I originally thought I'd do them all random colors, and I did one in a dusty brick red that looks nice.

    Now that I've finished most of the naked ones, I need to get on with the clothed ones and I've re-evaluated doing them all different and come to a mental ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  3. 1985

    1985 is my current readership number.  I guess that is the number of views of my blog.  Thats pretty cool.  People are either bored enough, interested enough, or think I am laughable enough to come a see what I am droning on about.  But the number 1985 hits me like a historic brick.  Let's take a look at the year 1985:You friendly, neighborhood Thunderhawker was 12 years old.
    Ronald Reagan was sworn into a second term.
    "We are the world" was recorded ...
  4. Spoiled Rotten by Hasslefree

    As I sit here and wait for orders from two companies in the UK, I realize that HF have spoiled me. I just got a package from them, in just over a week.That is damn quick turnaround.
    I'm coming up on just over two weeks waiting for these other two orders, and normally, it wouldn't make me think twice for over seas shipping to take that long . . . but now that I've had the nigh-instant gratification of Deb's superior shipping skills, I find myseld with less patience for the more average return ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. Progress of varying sorts.

    I didn't actually get any painting done tonight, but I did finish my verdigris tutorial!

    Juno is proofreading it, and after whatever edits need to be made after I get it back from her, it'll be done and ready to go. Wheee.

    I also finished the banner for this here bloggy. See? Up there. Yeah. Nifty.

    I also html-ified an old article I wrote for CMON on hedges, so I can incorporate it into the main madponies site when I get around re-coding ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  6. Another windy day

    <p>So it was wild and windy in the desert today.&nbsp; They routed the big rigs through the Antelope Valley to get them off the Grapevine (Antelope Velley=valley I live in that's the ass end of hell.&nbsp; Grapevine=Tejon pass where most of the shipping via truck goes through to get fromanyway to LA and back.&nbsp; Notorious for High winds and bad weather).&nbsp; So a mile from my house there's a pile=up involving several cars and 8 big rigs.&nbsp; It took me an hour to ...
  7. Copper Acetate; It's the water.

    I'm about 80% done with a tutorial I'm writing for 'Wargames Painting And Modelling' on verdigris.

    I finished the painting months ago, and am now finally getting to the writing and basic layout. It's more fun that I thought it'd be, but difficult too. It's hard to articulate how I approach things sometimes. I paint pretty organically I guess.

    Even though it is turning out to be several paragraphs, the basic tutorial could be shortened to:

    1)here are the color paints ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  8. The Pendulum Swings Back - Terrain!

    My hobby swing has come back around to the 40K and miniatures world. This weeks obsession is with terrain. My gaming group doesn't play 40K very often, maybe 5-6 times a year, so I like to have new and interesting terrian to play on each time. This makes it easier to justify the scenarios and gives better narative to play by. We have the prerequisite forest, plains, mountainous, desert and ruined citiescape battlefields. We used 4x6 mdf boards covered by terrain matching cloth. Over this is placed ...
  9. lame

    nothing seems to render right in Firefox.

    and my ranking counter doesn't seem to show up right in firefox either.

    this is getting less fun the more I play around with it.
    Painting and Modelling ,
  10. the good the bad and the primer

    GW changed their black primer a while back. It now totally sucks.

    In my quest for a good, cheap, thin, black primer, I finally found one I like: DupliColor Sandable Black Primer.

    If you are in the US, it's available for like $5 a can at Napa, Shucks, and other auto parts stores. I highly recomend it.

    What I hate is when it gets cold out (like tonight) and black primer dries slightly grey.
    Painting and Modelling ,

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