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  1. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 01

    Ok not posted on my blog for a long time, so time for amends. Im a huge fan of pirates .. ok im obssessed, they are just too cool. So as part of a little event on Chest of Colors forum, i joined in the Tale of ? Gamers and started up a little project to do whilst i finish other armies.
    When maxmini released the ork pirate heads i instantly knew i wanted some ork pirates, but what for? I had been thinking about getting a proper necromunda gang painted up and useable with my friends when i ...
  2. Sing and drink a beer!

    Dwarves of Kharzag
    Grab yer best axe
    put yer armour
    on yer broad backs
    gird yer belt
    and get ye ready
    for to face the foe!
    Pointies or green skinners
    never will be winners
    against the shields
    that guard the fields
    where Dwarven men and women
    eat their dinners
    Swing yer hammer
    in strong manner
    brothers knee to knee
    we’ll never stammer
    by beard and blood
    we’ll raise our banner ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  3. Week 15: Ghouls out for summer

    The sun has well and truely arrived in Exeter and to mark the event I have now passed 50 ghouls painted.

    These bad boys are starting to look pretty good on masse, even if I do say so myself..

    Another 15 painted this week, including a Crpt ghoul ghast.

    The Crypt ghoul ghast has been converted up using the body of an Empire Flagulent. I think that I have lent the head too far back, but apart from that I ...
  4. Ian's Auction 'O Doom. May 1st at NYC GW

    As promised, here is the catalogue of painted miniature auction that will take place rain or shine next Saturday, May 1st. If you have any question PM me or call Games Workshop NYC at 212-982-6314.

  5. Bizarre Bazaar at NYC Games Workshop on 8th street

    Bizarre Bazaar at NYC Games Workshop on 8th street!
    Sturday, MAY 1st is the time when New York GW store on 8th street hold an (semi)annual Bizarre Bazaar! During this even you can sell (or buy!) your most unwanted miniature in the store. This is a great opportunity to unload miniatures that you don’t need and may be, if you are lucky, to buy that rare gem you always wanted but could never find.
    This year, however, there will be MORE! At 2 pm on this day The Crazy Ian’s ...
  6. FW DG dread - finished

    Finaly I finished this geezer. I'm quite happy with the results. I thougt I was finished a couple of days ago, but there were some appealing opinions wich I followed, so I ended up repainting the eyes and the boils.

    Go vote
    Painting and Modelling ,
  7. Week 14: ghouly gathering

    I'm back painting after a weeks break and its a return to an old favourite. In my opinion Crypt ghouls are just such great figures. I love the look of rushing forward with the manic look on the faces and the grasping grabbing hands. Also in a sad, way I love their little back sides!!

    I had quite a problem when I started painting these because I had forgotten the colour scheme that was used with my previous ghouls. For my own future reference I used a base coat of ...
  8. USA Games Day 2011... Memphis?

    Interesting rumors have been circulating lately both on the internet and in person-to-person communications.
    The rumors had it for a while that GW North America is moving its HQ from Baltimore to Memphis, Tennessee, where they already have major production/distribution facilities.
    Couple of weeks ago our local manager suggested that the move of the HQ to Memphis is a distinct possibility. From business point of view it makes sense: Memphis is cheaper then Baltimore and they have ...
  9. Week 13: Slaanesh Marauder horsemen

    For some reason I find painting cavalry figures far more time consuming than I ever imagine that they will be. This week I have painted my second box of slaanesh Maruader horsemen.

    The general idea is that I will end up with three units of slaanesh cavalry armed with throwing spears and with only light armour. This maintains the fast cavalry ability and enables my mages to move around the battlefield within a unit that will not panic.

  10. Week 12; One slice of Cow or two?

    It has spent some time on the back burner, but at long last the Varghulf is complete. Apologies to goblin1980 for obviously ripping off his idea, but it looked so nice that I wanted to have a go...

    This is the first time I have tried to create anything imaginative with GWs water effects and I found it a lot easier than I thought it would be. The blood / gore effect was created by wrapping two small lengths of fuse wire around the painted claw so that ...

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