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  1. skullmininfig

    planing a 24 hour painting challenge this week
    check out my blog page

    Updated 08-25-2012 at 07:39 PM by skull

    Painting and Modelling , Tabletop Gaming , Warhammer Fantasy , Warhammer 40K , Other
  2. MY Blog - follow this link

  3. Check out my blog for my personal work and commissions!

  4. Thundertusk WIP

  5. Online School Grants

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  6. Neue Bilder bei CoolMiniOrNot!

    Heyho liebe Leser und User!

    Hier sind mal die Links zu meinen neuesten Dunkelelfen:

    Mein Hochgeborener Arenil Drachenklaue

    Mein Lokhir Teufelsherz

    Meine Schwarze Garde von Naggarong
    (Keine sorge, es kommen noch weitere, so um die 40 Stück... Irgendwann )

    Bewertet und Kommentiert.

  7. Vlad .WIP.

    Well my first post is a WIP shot of Games Workshops Vlad Von Carstein... ...I'm not sure where to go with the colours of the cloak so any ideas and advice would be very welcome indeed. I'm thinking to go for a very fleshy colour, as apposed to the paler bluey colours you see on Vampires now days, to tie in with the red armour and general 'theme' of the miniature. I might go for the standard hand raising out of the ground infront him? haven't thought much about the base yet though.
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