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  1. Gemini's Minis (previous account DaddyBrown73)

    Thought I'd put up some of my previously finished work in here from the last time I was actively engaging in the hobby.

    Name:  ab1.jpg
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    Name:  ab2.jpg
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    Name:  IMAG0068.jpg
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    Name:  IMAG0140.jpg
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    Name:  Bretonnian Princess1.jpg
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    Name:  IMAG0144.jpg
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    Name:  drizzt_do__urden_by_daddybrown-d5opmjg.jpg
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    Name:  IMAG0143.jpg
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  2. well you know EEERRRGG havent dun stuff

    havent dun stuff with this i see we have over 130000 vews on this wish al go to my you tube chanel yes redgreen09 and see my vids well that out whay we shd post new stuff ok think i got some all and dam aleten hat all add and BS but not hare minis will get more now fore some caplay difent yes short one

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