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  1. Infamy miniatures. Toad 1

    Ok. So I thought I would start a blog and put up some of my attempts at painting. My first will be infamy miniatures new sculpt the toad, sculpted by MIKH.

    I started by by getting him assembled and primed white.

    Next I decided to go with a light wash on the metallic parts of the sculpt to help bring out a lot of the details. I went with a wash of nuln oil. I also did this on the smoke coming out of the smokestack.

    I then decided to start at the top with ...
  2. Welcome to Boston Miniatures on Cool Mini or Not!!

    I am attempting to upload my minis pictures I have been painted for 10 years and took a 15 break. I am back in strength and glad that the community has grown to show case great minis!!

  3. World War II Armored Assault

    recently get this kit

    Name:  $(KGrHqJ,!oQFE!I3qT7qBRDqfurqjw~~60_57.JPG
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Size:  309.3 KB

    2 tanks, a lots of troops and unpainted diorama.
    I think, there must be more panzers, so bought additional german "King Tiger Porsche 506th" by Aoshima.
    I'll try to show all steps of assebmling and painting this kit.

    И да, я уже давно не писал на англиццком, поэтому куча ошибок. Можно об этом не говорить =)
  4. Finally uploaded latest commissions!

    I have been slacking off and not uploading any commissions pics as of late. I finally updated and have 10 new entries showing my latest endeavors. Please check it out, leave a comment, and enjoy
  5. champion astartes

    Quote Originally Posted by ilmarion View Post
    hi to all, this is my last work. This is a converted black templar's champion. the left arms is made in green stuff, like ather detailsto help this work to become richest.the final idea is to create a chempion of emperium without the membership to a specific chapter. I hope you like this work. See you soon with new works...and vote if you want
  6. Welcome to - Willkommen auf

    Hi there, first I`ll try to give a short overview in english, and after that you will see a german discription of this Blog Entry.
    (Sorry for non perfectly english)

    After some Time, i got it.
    I thought about a online informative german Tabletopsite of different Tabletops, to explain them, show Tutorials and Matches.
    Now the start is good.
    Actually I`m filling the Website with content day after day.

    It will have ...
  7. bookmarker

  8. Chaos Warrior w/Chainsaw

  9. Unsolicited Review: Pop Sculpture

    Hello all! I just got this book Pop Sculpture; how to create action figures and collectible statues the other day and thought I'd share it with you and my thoughts on it. I had read about in in Amazing Figure Modeller and when I had to go on Amazon to get some of my textbooks, I thought it was a good excuse to throw this in there too.
    First off, when I looked on the cover's spine I was a bit hesitant- Watson-Guptill books that I've bought in the past have been hit or miss, with emphasis ...
  10. Day Four

    I'm having problems properly formatting this post at this time. Will go back and edit it later. Well today I spent some time to paint the cloak on an Idrian Skirmisher. I'll list the paints and proportions I used for this: Deep Shadow: 1:1 Black, Royal Purple Shadow: 1:2 Black, Royal Purple (This is to help mitigate the dominance of black) Basecoat: Royal Purple Low Highlight: 1:1 Purple, Ultramarine (Possibly part of my problem described later) High Highlight: 1:2 Purple, Ultramarine ...

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    Painting and Modelling , Tabletop Gaming , Warmachine

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